Best WordPress Plugin To Let Users Deposit Money In Account

Best WordPress Plugin To Let Users Deposit Money In Account
If you are providing services or if you are selling products in your WordPress blog then this is a must have WordPress plugin for your blog. It provides a functionality to let your visitors deposit money, add credits and points in their account. Users can use these funds later for buying products or services. Also, from the admin side you can edit the funds if someone requests a product manually. If you are selling advertisements or subscriptions then you can also add a shop by the help of the plugin. From the admin panel you can customize the plugin as per your needs.

Here are the features of this plugin: 

1) Payment gateways: Plugin supports multiple payment gateways like Paypal, BluePay,, iDeal and bank payment. Users can use these payment gateways to deposit funds in their account. You can configure and activate these payment gateways from the plugin settings page.

2) Email notifications: Email notifications are sent when to the users when they have successfully deposited money in their account or when a transaction is canceled. You can use placeholders and tags in the email notifications. These placeholders are useful for personalizing the email messages by adding username, amount, site URL and site name. You can configure email notifications as per your requirements.

3) Edit conversion rate: From the plugin settings area, you can set up the conversion rates for money to be converted to credits and points.

4) Credit or points text: You have complete control over the terminology of points. You can call it credits or points or any other term as per your choice.

5) Shortcodes and widgets: Plugin comes with many shortcodes and widgets. You can add the tools of the plugin by use of widgets and short codes.

6) Transfer funds to another user: From the settings section, there’s an option to transfer funds to another user.

7) Deposit History: Plugin also shows a deposit history for the users.

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