Best WordPress Plugin To Manage Ads, Advertisers, Campaigns

Best WordPress Plugin To Manage Ads, Advertisers, Campaigns
In this post, I will discuss about a WordPress plugin for managing advertisements, advertisers, campaigns, banners, and ad zones in a WordPress blog. Having an advertisement manger WordPress plugin is essential for any blog when you want to place ads. This plugin is out of the box plugin for managing ads. You can create profiles for advertisers with the help of this plugin. Then, you can create campaigns for your listed advertisers. After that you can create banner ads and link them to the ad zones of your blog. Then, these ad zones can be added anywhere in your blog by using shortcodes and widgets. For a particular ad you can view page impressions, number of clicks and CTR in percentage. You can use this plugin in any language and it is also compatible with WordPress multisite and network  site. This is one of the best and easiest ways to manage ads in your blog.

Here are the features of this plugin:

1) Advertisers management: From the plugin settings page, you can add advertisers. Also, you have the option to remove old advertisers from the list.

2) Campaigns management: Then you can create campaigns for the advertisers. You can check the status of your created ad campaigns. Also, from here you have the option to pause a running campaign.

3) Add Banner ads: You can upload a banner ad or you can paste codes from ad networks like Google Adsense or any other affiliate ads from any ad networks as per your requirements. Creating an ad is a piece of cake by using this plugin and you can place ads anywhere in your blog.

4) Create ad zones: Ad zones are the sections of the site where the ads will be displayed. You can link your banners which you have created to these ad zones.

5) Shortcodes and widgets support: Ad zones can be included in posts, pages, sidebars or anywhere in your blog by the help of shortcodes, widgets, tags and iframes.

6) Click tracking: Clicks on the ads and page impressions are automatically recorded for each live ad. This is good info for your advertisers. It is also helpful to you for checking out which ad zone is performing the best. Plugin will record the following information for ads: Page impressions, number of clicks and CTR.

7) Translation support: You can use this plugin in any language as per your choice.

8) Multisite and network support: This plugin can also be used for WordPress multisite and network installation.

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