Create Engaging Content For Your Audience Using Atomic Reach

Interview With Ira Haberman
In this post, I will share an interview which I had with Ira Haberman, Director of Marketing at Atomic Reach. By using Atomic reach you can create relevant and high quality content for your audience. Atomic reach works on the concept of creating engaging content for real people rather than creating content only for SEO purposes. It helps you identify your target audience and provides feedback for your content based on 21 atomic measures. Thus, you can improve your content and create more useful and relevant content for your audience. You can integrate Atomic reach in to your WordPress blog by using the WordPress plugin, Atomic Engager. If you have any questions, you can connect with Ira on Twitter at @irahaberman

1) Please tell us more about yourself?

Ira: I’ve been at the content game for a while. I graduated from Humber College with Honors in Journalism in 97. Spent a career, in broadcast, specifically in radio and then working for the digital group at a radio company. It’s always been about creating content that connects with an audience no matter the platform. Check my story on LinkedIn. I get this stuff.

2) What is Atomic Reach?

Ira: Atomic Reach is YOUR audience platform. Today, it helps content creators understand who their audience is, and ultimately create better content for them. It’s all about that match: audience and content.

3) How does it work?

Ira: Two parts to the platform. Atomic Insights is our dashboard product that let’s you understand your audience, and what kinds of content resonates with them from a knowledge point of view. We think when you tap into your audience’s brain, and truly understand how they read and ingest content, you can create content that connects with them better. The key elements to the Atomic Insights dashboard are learning your Atomic Score (the benchmark score you need to achieve against our 21 content measures) and your Audience Match. Once you understand who that audience is, our Atomic Engager product helps you create that content, providing feedback and thoughts on how to improve your content, and match your audience’s requirements. We believe that, and have seen, that when you match your audience’s knowledge around a topic, from a structural point of view, you are going to connect in a much deeper way. That leads to return visits, evangelism, and the sharing of your content.

4) What are the advantages of using the Atomic Reach WordPress plugin? Is it a free plugin? 

Ira: Atomic Engager from Atomic Reach, is a free WordPress Plugin. It helps you create quality content by providing feedback based on the 21 Atomic Measures that are all geared towards structure, language and audience match. As you improve your content, based on the feedback, you drive your score, and ultimately the connection to your audience.

5) How Atomic Reach optimizes content?

Ira: For us, the key differentiator between us, and say other “optimization” platforms is that we start with the notion that it all starts with creating relevant, quality content for your audience. Our entire algorithm is built around 21 Atomic Measures that don’t look at content from a SEO perspective, but from a real human perspective.

6) How Atomic reach can be compared to manually optimizing the content of a blog?

Ira: What we’ve heard from people who use our platform, is that it speeds up that manual process considerably. More to the point, when you use our platform in its entirety, you start to understand the relationship between “optimizing” content and how that relates to your audience, and how they connect with it.

7) Is there anything else you wish to add?

Ira: If readers from Thats Journal want to try our product, and get the whole experience, we’d be thrilled to onboard them, and walk them through the entire process. We’ve just released an Ebook, that talks about our take on creating quality content, and it’s available here.

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