How To Add CSS, jQuery, Animated Flipping Card In WordPress

How To Add CSS, jQuery, Animated Flipping Card In WordPress
A flipping card is the one which flips itself when you hover or click on it. A flipping card is very useful if you wish to grab the readers attention in your blog. By using this WordPress plugin you can add CSS and jQuery based flipping cards in your blog in minutes.

Here are the features of this plugin:

1) Types of flipping cards: Here are the types of flipping cards you can add in your blog: auto flipping cards in a gallery, hover flipping cards, click flipping cards, and button flipping cards.

2) Select flip effect: You can choose any flip effect as per your requirements like right flipping, left flipping, bottom flipping and top flipping.

3) Shortcodes support: Flip cards can be added anywhere in posts and pages by the help of short codes.

4) Widgets support: They can also be added as a widget in the sidebars.

5) Edit Flip cards:  The best part is that you can customize the flip cards as per your needs. You can edit auto flip intervals, type of cards, direction of flip, floating effect, margins, height, width, border, border radius, padding, background color, font color, and text alignment.

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