How To Integrate An External API In A WordPress Blog

API is an external library which is offered by many services these days so that you can enhance the functionality of your blog and add new features. API can also be used for adding dynamic content in your blog. By the help of this WordPress plugin you can integrate any API as per your needs. The data which is pulled from the API can be added anywhere in the posts, pages, widgets, etc. as per your requirements. By the use of API you can actually pull up photos from social networking websites, videos from video sharing sites, dynamic content like Facebook status updates, tweets from Twitter, etc.

Here are some of the common APIs which you can integrate in your blog:

1) Facebook has a lot of API’s for graphs, dialog, chat and advertisements.

2) Similarly in Twitter you have cards, timelines, and tweets.

3) In YouTube there are three popular API’s: data API, analytics API and live streaming API which you can modify and use in your blogs.

4) In Flickr you can use the photo uploading API to upload and replace photos from your blog.

5) In Linkedin, there are APIs for sharing social streams, groups, communications, companies and jobs.

6) Google has a collection of plethora of APIs like toolbar, gadgets, Google base, calendar, desktop SDK, maps, adwords, docs, spreadsheets, Google+, Google Places, android, apps, cloud, tv, chrome commerce, games, etc.

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