Add Monthly Mortgage, Loan Interest Calculator In WordPress

Add Monthly Mortgage, Loan Interest Calculator In WordPress
If you are having a Financial blog, then this is a must have WordPress plugin. By using this plugin, you can add a monthly mortgage and loan interest calculator in your blog. Users can calculate loan interests by entering the data.  As the calculator is very handy there is a high probability that people will bookmark the page where you put the calculator.

 Here are the features of this plugin:

1)  JavaScript support: Plugin uses JavaScript and users don’t have to reload a page to calculate. They simply have to enter the new data and click on Calculate.

2) Send calculated data as email: The best part is that they can also send the calculated report to their email address or they can forward the information to a client. All the sent emails are recorded in the admin section of the blog and you can check how many emails are sent.

3) Shortcodes support: Loan calculator can be added in posts and pages by using short codes and can also be added as a widget in the widget of your blog.

4) Widgets support: Mortgage calculator can also be added as widgets in the sidebar of your blog.

5) Mortgage and loan interest calculator fields: To calculate mortgage details, you can enter mortgage amount, mortgage term in years and months, mortgage start date, extra payments and then, click on Calculate. To calculate loan details, you can enter loan amount, annual interest rate, compound period, term, payment frequency, payment type, interest only period and then, click on Calculate.

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