Add Pinterest Pin It Hover Button In Images In WordPress

Add Pinterest Pin It Hover Button In Images In WordPress
If you are having a Photo blog then you can increase your traffic by using Pinterest. This WordPress plugin is a great way to add a Pin it hover button at the top of your images. The images look normal but when a user hovers them, a Pin it button appears. This plugin is the most user-friendly way to integrate Pinterest button for images in your WordPress blog.

Here ‘s what you can do with the help of this plugin:

1) Add Pin it buttons to all images in blog: You can create these buttons for all the images of your blog instantly. You have the option to enable or disable Pin it button from the plugin settings page.

2) Customize Pin it buttons: You can also customize the Pin it buttons as per your needs.

3) Hover effects: The image hover effects can also be changed from the plugin admin page.

4) Image description: You can also automatically use Alt tags of images as description when you are posting images in Pinterest. This setting can be enabled or disabled from the plugin settings page.

5) Responsive plugin: The plugin is fully responsive that means the Pin it button will appear on cell phones and tablets when users touch an image and it works with all the modern browsers.

If you would like to add Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, Dribbble and Google+ hover buttons in your blog then you can use this plugin.

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