Increase MailChimp Newsletter Subscribers In WordPress Blog

In this post, I will discuss about a strategy which you can implement to increase MailChimp newsletter subscribers in a WordPress blog. This post is specifically for increasing the number of MailChimp subscribers. However, if you are looking for increasing newsletter subscribers for your blog for any other email list management provider you can read one of my posts. I have included some important points in that post which would be beneficial for building your email list.

This strategy is simple but effective, all you need to do is to install this WordPress plugin which adds an option for your blog commentators to subscribe to your email list. Plugin adds a “Sign me up for newsletters” check-box in your comment section. Whenever a reader of your blog comments on any post or a page, they will automatically receive a confirmation email to be added to your list. When they click on the link in the confirmation message, they will be added to your email list. You also have the option to directly add the subscribers to your list, when they comment, without the confirmation message. However, I strongly recommend, not to do so as it will not be a double opt-in subscription. You can read this post for more information on double opt-in and single opt-in subscriptions.

Increase MailChimp Newsletter Subscribers In WordPress Blog
Here are the other features of this plugin:

1) MailChimp API: Plugin uses MailChimp API for the integration. All you need to do is to add the MailChimp API key in the plugin settings section. You can easily generate the MailChimp API key for your blog.

2) Display on posts and pages: You can display the confirmation check-box on either posts, pages or in both as per your requirements. You can also display the confirmation message only for specific posts and pages.

3) Translation support: You can use this plugin in any language as per your choice.

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