Log PHP, Fatal Errors, Hacking, Login Attempts In WordPress

Log PHP, Fatal Errors, Hacking, Login Attempts In WordPress
If you are in to development of WordPress themes or plugins then you know how much important it is to log important events which are happening in your WordPress blog. By seeing a log you can improve the performance of your WordPress theme or plugin. Even if you are not a theme or a plugin developer, logging can provide interesting information about the performance of your blog. By the help of this WordPress plugin you can log errors in your blog.

Here are the features of this plugin:

1) Automatically log errors in blog: By using this plugin you can automatically log PHP errors, fatal errors, SQL query, login and hacking attempts, deprecated functions, analyze environment variables, analyze get variables, analyze post variables, analyze cookie variables, analyze files variables, analyze server variables, front end and back end page visits.

2) Set log levels: From the plugin settings page you can set up log levels as per your requirements.

3) Add, download and delete log files: You also have the option to add, download and delete the log files.

4) Debugging option: Plugin also features live debugging which is helpful in WordPress theme or plugin development.

5) Turn off logging for certain events: Options on what needs to be logged can be turned on or off by simply checking a box in the admin panel.

Here’s another plugin to log PHP errors in WordPress.

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