Let Users Subscribe Newsletters Before Downloading Free File

Let Users Subscribe Newsletters Before Downloading Free File
When you are offering freebies on your blog then you should make sure that you get something in return for it. It should not be money per se but even a newsletter subscribe is not bad. If you ask me I would be ready to subscribe to any list if I am getting a free content which I need and almost all users will be okay to download file by the price of just subscribing to your newsletters.  Here’s a WordPress plugin which can make the subscription and download automatic.

This plugin has extra features like responsive design, supports shortcodes, users can also enter their name when they subscribe via form, and plugin can be easily translated to any language of your choice.

Here are the features of this plugin:

1) Send download links via email: When a user wants to download content on your blog, they need to subscribe to your newsletters. After they subscribe the download link is sent to their email address.

2) Manage subscribers: Subscribers are managed inside the admin panel and can be further imported to any email subscription service of your choice. This plugin sends a download link to the entered email address. That means the list you are building is a double opt-in.

3) URL shortener: Download links can be made hidden or shortened by using built-in Goo.gl URL shortener service by Google.

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