List of WordPress Plugins To Add Social Sharing Buttons

In this post, I have made a list of some of the best WordPress plugins for adding social sharing tools in your WordPress blog. By using these plugins you can add social icons, social media boxes, social pop ups, social streams, social bars, jQuery social sharing buttons, social networking tabs, social gallery, social lock buttons, and social timeline in your blog. By using these tools you can integrate any type of social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, etc. Along with posts and pages these buttons can also be used for custom post types.

Here is a list of great social integration WordPress plugins to add icons, boxes, pop ups, streams, bars, buttons:

1) Social Stream: By this plugin you can add social networking icons using a slide or a tab in your blog. You also have the option to rotate the tabs and you can add avatars with the feeds. This plugin is great for adding a social slider to your blog. You can customize the slider and the buttons. You can include any type of social networking buttons in this slider. You can add a social media box integrating any social network of your choice in your blog. The content inside the box will be updated every three hours and so it doesn’t make your blog slow. You can integrate more than 60 social media streams with the help of this plugin. The feeds can be displayed as a static widget or as rotating feeds. This feed can be edited as per your needs.

2) Social buttons for WooCommerce: You can add social networking buttons in WooCommerce by the help of this plugin.

3) Social integration with Mailchimp: You can add social integration buttons with MailChimp by the use of this plugin.

4) Social Traffic Pop: This is a great plugin if you want the social network buttons to pop up in your blog posts. The pop up locks the page and until an action is done by the user. There are many options to pop up the buttons which you can change as per your requirements.

5) Social Gallery: This plugin is for people who are looking for social media integration for images. The images are aligned in a gallery and when a user clicks on the image, he gets the option to share via social networks.

6) Advanced Widget: This WordPress plugin integrates a floating social media widget on the left side of your posts. I would recommend this one as it doesn’t use any extra real estate of your blog. Apart from social media integration this plugin also integrates Feed burner feeds. The widgets float on the left side of the screen. You can sort the social networks by drag and drop.

7) Social Share buttons: You can include 10 social networking buttons in your posts along with print and email. Buttons can be displayed inline, floating, in a panel or in a toolbar as per your needs.

8) Social Lock: This plugin locks the screen of the WordPress blog. A user has to Facebook like, Twitter follow or do a Google+ to unlock the screen of the blog. This can increase your social subscribers in  a big way. However, it could be obtrusive for some visitors.

9) jQuery buttons: By this plugin you can add jQuery social sharing buttons in your posts and pages.

10) Social Bytes: By this plugin you can add customized social sharing buttons in your WordPress blog.

11) Social Timeline: You can add a social timeline by the help of this plugin. You can add any social network as per your choice and the feeds will be displayed in a timeline.

12) Subscribe pop: By this plugin you can put a pop up for your RSS feed subscription.

13) Pinterest Pro: You can seamlessly integrate Pinterest in your WordPress blog by the help of this plugin.

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