List Of Best WordPress Plugins To Add Pop Up, Modal Windows

In this post I will discuss about the best WordPress plugins for adding a custom pop up modal windows, lightbox windows, and interstitial advertisements in your blog. You can add any type of multimedia content in these pop ups like images, audio and video, advertisements, frames, newsletter subscription buttons, social networking buttons, RSS subscription buttons, text content, etc. These plugins are fully customizable and you can change the display settings for the pop ups and modal windows from the plugin settings page. Cookies are used to control the display of the pop ups to the visitors. You need to make sure that your modal windows are not obtrusive to your visitors.

Here is the list of best WordPress plugins for adding pop up, modal windows, interstitial ads in blog:

1) Le Popup: Another great plugin for creating pop ups. You can adjust the size, look and feel of the pop up as per your own needs. Popping up and closing the pop up can be controlled in many ways.

2) Smart pop up: With the help of this plugin you can add a video, image, or a frame pop up in your WordPress blog. You can also set up the plugin to work for specific IP addresses.

3) Interstitial ads: This plugin can be used to add interstitial ads on your WordPress blog. The ads can also be used randomly or set for specific time intervals.

4) Widgetized pop up: You can add a widget pop up by the help of this WordPress plugin. This plugin uses cookies that means you can control the number of times a pop up is displayed to a visitor.

5) Subscribe pop up: By this plugin you can add a RSS subscribe pop up window in your blog. The scheduling of the pop up can be set as per your needs.

6) Google Traffic pop: By the help of this plugin you can add a Google+ button pop up in your blog. The plugin locks the screen unless the user clicks on +1 button or he waits for some time.

7) Teaser pop up: By this plugin you can add a teaser pop up window with image in your blog. It displays a lightbox automatically to your visitors when they browse your site.

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