List Of Best WordPress Plugins To Add Custom Shortcodes

In this post I will discuss some of the best shortcode and tool tips editor WordPress plugins for generating and editing shortcodes and tooltips for adding various types of content in your blog. Shortcodes are used in a WordPress blog for adding different types of elements like tabs, buttons, tables, images, videos, text content, gallery, sliders, grid, content, etc. By using these plugins you can add specific content in your blog by using shortcodes.

Here is the list of best WordPress plugins to add, edit custom shortcodes, and tooltips:

1) Animated short codes: By using this plugin you can add animated elements like buttons, messages, boxes, etc. by using short codes. By the help of this plugin you can edit short codes right from the WordPress admin panel. Short codes can be edited by drag and drop. You can also create buttons with these short codes. You can add graphics by the help of short codes using this plugin. With the help of this plugin you can add animated buttons and tooltips in your blog by using shortcodes. By the help of this plugin you can use short codes for buttons, boxes, toggled content, tabbed content, slideshow, image slider, password protection, columns, social media, tool tips, author info, pricing tables, custom lists, testimonials, drop caps and quotes.

2) Icon list short codes: By this plugin you can add icon list short codes in your blog. You can choose from more than 108 icons.

3) Automatic Tool Tip: You can create tool tips in a fly by the help of this plugin. The location of the tool tips can be customized. You can change the color, look and feel of the tool tips and can also add URLs as  target. This plugin creates a slider short code for your WordPress blog. A slider can be created and embedded anywhere in the content area with the help of short codes.

4) Keyword tool tips: By using this plugin you can add tool tips to keywords and phrases in your blog. The keywords to which the tool tip is added can be highlighted so that users will know that there is a tool tip for that particular text.

5) Content Short code: This plugin can be used to create  short codes for content. You can use any number of short codes in a single post or page. The tabs for the content areas can be customized. You can edit and create WordPress templates in a fly by using this plugin. You can add any type of content in your blog by using shortcodes.

6) Grid based short codes: You can add a grid based short code system in your blog by the help of this WordPress plugin.

7) Web Grabber: By this plugin you can grab an integrate content from other websites by using short codes. The content could be text, HTML or images.

8) Touch tool tip: By this plugin you can add touch tool tips in your blog. The touch feature will work on all the touch sensitive devices like iPad, iPhone and other tablets and smartphones.

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