List Of WordPress Plugins To Add Responsive, Interactive Maps

In this post, I will discuss about some of the best WordPress plugins for adding responsive, cross browser compatible and interactive maps in your blog. By using these plugins you can add interactive, re-sizable World maps showing continents and countries, point of interest maps, country and city based maps, and contact route maps for showing directions in Google maps. These maps are fully responsive and adaptive to different devices like smart phones, tablets and notebook computers. You have the option to add tooltips and markers in these maps.

1) Interactive maps: By the help of this plugin you can add a re-sizable and responsive map in your WordPress blog. You can add SVG vector graphics maps based on any country and continents with tool-tip, markers and links in maps. From the plugin settings page, you can set up the map title, map width map height and map colors. 

2) Rockstar map: Another map plugin for adding interactive customizable maps in your WordPress blog. This plugin comes with a collection of maps and you can add them in your blog. Maps created by these plugins works in touch enabled devices like cell phones and tablets.

3) Interactive World Map: You can add a world map by the help of this plugin.  The maps are fully customizable and you can set markers in your maps. The maps can further be broken down based on continents, countries, US state, and cities. From the plugin settings page, you can change the maps settings like background color, border color, width, height and marker size. Also, you can preview the changes directly in your maps. By this plugin you can add a roll over map of US in your blog. All the settings in the map are fully customizable. You can also change the look and feel and colors in the map. You can add maps in posts and pages by using shortcodes.

4) Map list: You can add Google maps with customized lists in your blog by this plugin. The list created can be sorted and searched by users. It is good for showing maps for many contacts. Users have the option to search places and directions in the maps. Plugin comes with many map styles and you can pick one as per your requirements.

5) Point of interest maps: By this plugin you can add point of interest maps in your blog. Point of interest map is a combination of Google maps and Places API. This is an excellent maps for adding directions. Form the plugin settings page, you can select the region, language, default address, zoom level, and marker size for the map. By using this plugin you can add routes to the destination in Google maps. This is helpful for the blogs where you wish to show directions. You can select the type of map, dimensions of the map and edit default fields from the plugin settings page.

6) Maps editor: By this plugin you can add Google maps directly from the post editor of your blog. All you need to is to install and activate the plugin and add maps from the post or the page editor in your blog. You have the option to change the color scheme of the map to match it with your blog.

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