List Of WordPress Plugins To Add Image, Video, Text Sliders

In this post, I have made a list of some of the best WordPress plugins for adding a custom slider in your blog. By using these plugins you can add jQuery and CSS3 based sliders, content sliders, banner rotators, featured posts sliders, sliders with flip effects, custom sliding tabs, carousel type sliders to display slideshows, product sliders, accordion type sliders, grid sliders, gallery type sliders and timeline sliders in your WordPress blog. These sliders are fully customizable and you can add text, image, videos, audio, post content, page content, etc. in the sliders.

Here are some of the most awesome WordPress plugins for adding sliders:

1) Slider Revolution: You can control the slider transition effects in this plugin. For navigation you can choose whether you would like to have bullets, numbers or any other shapes. You can generate full width sliders with this plugin. If you are looking for a slider manager to manage all your sliders then this plugin is a great one. You can create both an image slider and an accordion one. This is a very fast loading jQuery slider plugin. You can do swipe transition and you can add videos also in the slider. Thumbnail generation for the slider is automatic. Great WordPress slider plugin if you are looking for Ajax image uploads, Tim thumb integration and content slide manager. The slider is fully editable and customizable.

2) Content Slider: This plugin can be used to slide your posts. It supports touch navigation for touch sensitive devices. You can select individual posts or by categories, tags, etc and you can select the number of posts to be included in the slider. It is a great plugin for creating responsive touch screen sliders. The touch screen feature works for cell phones and tablets. It uses a concept of Retina Graphics which is used to get high quality output.

3) Banner Rotator: It is a great way to put rotating banners in your blog. You have the option to put thumbnails in your banners. You can also use this plugin as a Content slider.

4) Flip Book: If you are looking for a book like flip effect in your slider then this plugin can create that effect. It looks great while using it on an iPad. The slider is fully customizable and editable.

5) Featured Posts Slider: Great plugin if you want to display the featured posts in your blog. The sliders can be used for any content say posts or pages. CSS editing can done to match your blog look and feel.

6) Responsive Flip Book: Another plugin to create a flip book like gallery in your WordPress blog. The flip book gallery is fully responsive which works with mobile phones and tablets.

7) Slide show plugin: This is an awesome plugin if you are looking for integrating a slide show in your blog. There are a variety of 2D and 3D transitions which can be selected as per your choice. Great plugin if you wish to add sliding tabs in your WordPress blog. Tabs can be horizontal or vertical and you can select the transition effect as per your choice.

8) Carousel Slider: A very useful plugin if you want to create a carousel based slider in your blog. The slider can be embedded in any page or post as per your requirements. Carousels are fully editable and customizable.

9) Slider Evolution: Yet another plugin to add a slider to your WordPress blog. It uses jQuery and JavaScript to provide cool transition effects in the sliders. There is no limit on creating the number of sliders.

10) Product slider: This plugin can be used to show off your products like books in a slider. Slider content can be images or video as per your needs. You can also add descriptions for the slider elements.

11) WP slide show: By the help of this plugin you can create slide shows in your posts and pages. The slide shows can be made vertical or horizontal as per your needs.

12) Before After: This gallery is useful if you want to create a Before and After effect kind of gallery in your WordPress blog.

13) Dynamic Grid: This plugin can be used to add a post or a page slider in your blog in a grid layout.

14) CSS3 Accordion: By this plugin you can add a CSS3 based accordion type slider in your blog. By the help of this plugin you can add an Accordion type slider in your blog. Accordion can be inserted anywhere in the blog by using short codes. You can add a banner rotator and an accordion slide show with the help of this WordPress plugin. The slide show is fully customizable as per your needs.

15) Timeline Slider: You can include a Facebook like timeline in a slider by the help of this plugin.

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