Top 10 bbPress Compatible, Forum, Discussion WordPress Themes

We have created a list of best, top 10 bbPress compatible, forum and discussion WordPress themes. bbPress is an online forum WordPress plugin. You can add bbPress plugin in your WordPress site to create online forums, discussion boards, message boards and bulletin boards.

Advantages of adding online discussion forums in your WordPress site:

  1. Platform to get answers and comments for your topics: An online forum provides a platform for users to get information and comments about updates, questions and discussion topics.
  2. Useful to solve problems of users: There can be n number of problems and n number of solutions to a particular problem. A user can go through different comments and opinions to look for a particular solution.
  3. Community discussion: Forums are an excellent platform to start community based discussions. When a user replies to a thread he is automatically subscribed to that thread and can receive notifications for new responses. Thus, he can again comment on that thread at a later date.
  4. Several types of diversified responses: There are many people who post on a thread. They can be from different locations, gender, age group and have different points of views for a particular topic. As a thread creator you can get multiple kinds of opinions for the same topic.
  5. Reduces support costs: Just like a Question and Answer Community or a Knowledge base and FAQ site forums can reduce the cost of customer support. People can easily search for the solutions to their problems.
  6. Increase the number of organic visitors to your site: Forums threads and topics are SEO friendly and are searchable in the web. You will receive a lot of inbound organic visitors from search engines.
  7. Increase the number of returning visitors: Users often return to check new replies for a particular thread. Thus, you will be getting free returning visitors for your portal.
  8. Excellent to optimize your product offerings: As an administrator you can view hundreds of topics and opinions of people. Based on these ideas you can improve your products and services.
  9. Generate new leads: Forums are a great platform for generating new leads. Users who are visiting discussion threads are also visiting your website. Some of theme will definitely be your potential clients.
  10. Fresh content for your website: By using a forum you will generate hundreds of posts without breaking a sweat. All the content is created by the users.

Now, we have learned the advantages of adding forums to WordPress sites, lets have a look at the top 10 bbPress compatible, forum and discussion WordPress themes.

1) Avada WordPress Theme: Avada theme is a 23 in 1 responsive and retina ready WordPress bbPress compatible theme. It is the best, most popular, premium and top selling bbPress compatible WordPress theme.

2) X WordPress Theme: X theme is a responsive 33 in 1 WordPress theme where you can add forums.

X WordPress Theme

3) Enfold WordPress Theme: Enfold theme is a 25 in 1 responsive and retina ready WordPress theme where you can add discussion boards.

Enfold WordPress Theme

4) BeTheme WordPress Theme: BeTheme is a 220 in 1 responsive WordPress theme where you can add online forums. 

BeTheme WordPress Theme

5) Jupiter WordPress Theme: Jupiter theme is a 120 in 1 responsive and retina ready WordPress theme where you can add message boards.

Jupiter WordPress Theme

6) The7 WordPress Theme: The7 theme is a 27 in 1 responsive WordPress theme where you can add forums. 

The7 WordPress Theme

7) NewsPaper WordPress Theme: Newspaper is a 9 in 1 responsive WordPress theme where you can add online forums. 

NewsPaper WordPress Theme

8) Sahifa WordPress Theme: Sahifa theme is a 6 in 1 responsive and retina ready WordPress bbPress compatible theme. 

Sahifa WordPress Theme

9) KALLYAS WordPress Theme: KALLYAS theme is a 25 in 1 responsive and retina ready WordPress theme for adding discussion boards.

KALLYAS WordPress Theme

10) Total WordPress Theme: Total theme is a 30 in 1 responsive WordPress theme for adding message boards. 

Total WordPress Theme

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