Top 10 Digital And Online Tools For Writers And Authors

While writing papers come easily to some learners, others struggle to write. That’s because writing entails numerous component skills like the construction of letters and words, fluency, drafting, and organization. Fortunately, there are many digital tools that support the development of these skills. These help students practice and enhance their writing.

Here are the top 10 digital tools for writers:

1) Google Ngram Viewer

This digital tool is commonly used by writers for hire. It is a search engine with frequencies charts for comma-delimited search strings. It uses an annual count of n-grams in sources that were printed from 1500 to 2008. With Google Ngram Viewer, writers can, for instance, know when people stopped using ‘trench’ in reference to a ‘ditch’ where troops hide instead of ‘foxhole’. The tool enables writers to know words that were common at a specific time in history. It searches books by their publication dates to allow for comparison of words’ usage.

2) Evernote

Evernote is a virtual notebook keeper. It’s ideal for writers that need a place for storing and organizing information, thoughts, and media. Evernote content is possible to sync across devices. That means it enables writers to access the content from anywhere, at anytime. The tool comes with time-saving functions that include a keywords search function and a reminder.

3) Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Writers use a lot of words. A digital dictionary is therefore very important. The free version of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is a collegiate dictionary that has a limited thesaurus. However, its options help writers improve their words’ usage.

4) Self-control

In the current tech-saturated world, a writer can easily drift away from serious research and start sampling new songs or checking out new vacation spots. Self-control helps you come up with a “white list” of the sites that keeps you on track and focused. Even easier, the site enables you to blacklist major distractions. You simply set the timer of this app for a certain period when you want to focus on research and writing.

5) Ancestry

When students are required to write paper on something that happened sometimes back in history, they may require an ancestry account. This tool enables writers to search draft registration cards, census records, family photos, ship manifests, asylums and orphanages records, and city directories among others. It is ideal for both fiction and non-fiction writers.

6) Google classroom

A major challenge when it comes to using digital tools is keeping track and managing work. However, Google classroom makes this easier. This digital tool for writers combines Google Docs, Slides, and sheets for writing. It also has Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Calendar. That means it enables writers to schedule, write, store, and distribute their writing. It can also be used by multiple writers.

7) Poetry idea engine

This tool enables writers to learn ways of creating poetry. It enables writers to get their poetry juices flowing. With this tool, a writer can write free verse, limericks, haikus, and more.

8) Bartleby

This is an online source of reference, literature, and verse. It provides unlimited access to information and books to researchers, students, and people who want to write. This free digital tool has indices by subject, title, and author.

9) Dragon dictation

Some people think faster than they can write. Dragon dictation is a digital tool that enables a writer to type paper online any time. That’s because the writer needs to simply hit ‘Record’ and the tool will transform what they record into a text. Once done, the writer copy-pastes the text into a Word document. Dragon diction also has a feature that allows writers to put long texts into emails or SMS.

10) Write or Die

This digital tool is a blend of Psych 101 and Creative Writing. The secret behind writing well is simply writing more. A writer tells this app the number of words they want to write over a specified time frame then start writing. If a writer fails to hit the target, the app punishes them.

These tools have made writing virtual or cloud-based. But, if for any reason you can’t use them to craft your paper, you can buy a paper online.

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