How To Add Infolinks Ads In Coppermine Photo Gallery

Coppermine photo gallery is an open source photo gallery script in PHP and MySQL. Although, there are many ways by which you can create photo galleries directly in WordPress, Coppermine photo gallery is still a popular tool for creating image galleries. Many of the bloggers use Coppermine photo gallery because it offers a wide range of functionalities. However, Coppermine photo gallery is not like WordPress and if its your first¬†time around then you might face some hiccups when editing the template files. When I was adding Infolinks ads in Coppermine photo gallery, I figured it’s not relatively as easy to add as it can be¬†added in WordPress.

If you want to add Infolinks ads in Coppermine photo gallery then, just follow these steps:

1) Open the file template.html from the location: gallery/themes/theme_name/template.html

where, theme_name is the name of your installed theme.

2) Add the Infolinks ad codes as usual between the section.

That’s it. You have successfully added the Infolinks ads in Coppermine photo gallery. If you wish to customize the Infolinks ads then, login to your Infolinks account and click on “Customize” menu at the top. Select the website from “Choose a website” drop down menu. Pick the color of the ad links from “Choose an ad unit color”. Under, “Customize InText”, select “Max links Per Page” as per your requirements. This, is the maximum number of links which will be shown in a single page of Coppermine photo gallery. Select “Link Style” to “Double” or “Dotted”. Make sure that option “Turn on InText ads for yoursite” is checked, where yoursite is the site for which you are adding InText ads. Click on “Save”.

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