Increase Your Infolinks Earnings Up To 40% By InTag Ads

Infolinks InTag ads are in-text ads which are displayed as one line or two lines (depending on the layout of your site) in the header and the footer of your site. Infolinks uses an algorithm to pick the InTag ad links. The algorithm is such that it looks for the best keywords which are relevant to the content of the site. These keywords are the most relevant and at the same time will fetch the maximum CPC.

Advantages of Infolinks InTag ads:

1) Most relevant ads: Infolinks uses a sophisticated algorithm to pick the most relevant in-text ads which will be used for InTag ads.

2) Increase in CTR of your ads: By using InTag ads widget in blogs, many bloggers have seen an increase in CTR of up 40%.

3) Another way to making money: InTag ads widget is yet another way of making money from Infolinks.

4) Maximum CPC: When a user clicks on an Infolinks InTag ad, then you will receive the maximum CPC.

To add the Infolinks InTag ads to your website or blog, follow these steps:

1) Login to your Infolinks account. Make sure you have already added the default Infolinks In-text ads in the site. If you have not added, the In-text ads then, click on “Integrate” menu at the header. Select the website from “Choose a website” drop down menu. Copy and paste the code right before the closing tag in your site. (ideally in footer of your blog).

2) When the Infolinks In-text code is added, click on “Customize” menu at the top.

3) Click on “InTag” at the left side sidebar.

4) Select the website from “Choose a website” drop down menu.

5) Pick the color of the ad links from “Choose an ad unit color”.

6) Select option “Turn on InTag ads for yoursite”, where yoursite is the site for which you want to add the InTag ads.

7) Click on “Save.”

8) After few minutes, InTag ads will be automatically added to your blog.

Increase Your Infolinks Earnings Up To 40% By InTag Ads

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