Avoid Publisher Account Getting Banned In PPC Ad Network

PPC ad networks are very strict on invalid click activity and it could result in your account getting banned in any PPC ad network like Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika, Bidvertiser, Smowtion, etc.¬†Apart from invalid clicks there are many other factors which could lead a publisher account getting banned. To make sure that your publisher account doesn’t gets banned, closed¬†or terminated in a PPC ad network, follow the below given guidelines:

1) Do not click on your own ads: Make sure that you don’t click on your own ads even for testing purposes. Almost 90% of the PPC publisher accounts get banned for this reason.

2) Do not ask others to click on your ads: You shouldn’t ask other people to click on your ads by offering them incentives. Any PPC ad network out there uses sophisticated algorithms to validate click activity. If the publishers are smart then these algorithms are smarter. No matter what permutations and combinations you use to generate clicks, these algorithms will eventually find it out and your account will be banned.

3) Do not hide the ads: You shouldn’t hide the ads or mislead the visitors of your site to click on these ads in any way. The best rule of thumb is to copy and paste the ads AS IS without modifying any codes.

4) Do not put ad units in pop-up, pop-under or any other frame: You need to make sure that you add the ad codes in the content section, footer, header or in sidebars. Do not add the ad codes in pop-up, pop-under or any other frame.

5) Do not add the ad codes in content which is prohibited: You shouldn’t put the ad codes in content which is against the terms and conditions of the PPC ad network. You need to refer the specific ad network for checking which of the following content is prohibited.

6) Avoid copyright violation: You need to make sure that you are creating original content in your blog or website. You should avoid copying content from other sources.

7) Website or blog design: You need to make sure that your website or blog design is professional in every way. It should have a clean design, no unnecessary redirects and shouldn’t have messy codes. The best example of a professional blog design is Genesis Theme Framework.

8) Other terms and conditions: You need to check the policies of specific ad networks for other terms and conditions which are required.

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