Implement BidVertiser XML Feed, Add Ads In Search Results

BidVertiser XML Feed can be used for displaying ads in search results. For implementing BidVertiser ads in an XML format you need to submit a valid HTTP request with a set of required parameters, parse the XML-formatted response and display it in your search results pages.

To Implement the BidVertiser XML Feed, simply follow the below given steps:

1) Login to your Bidvertiser account.

2) Click on Publishers center. Make sure you have a site already added for displaying ads.

3) Go to Manage XML –> Add new XML feed.

4) Select a website for which you want to add ads from “Choose the website to link the XML Feed to:” drop down menu.

5) Enter the XML title.

6) Click on “Update and Continue”.

Implement BidVertiser XML Feed, Add Ads In Search Results

7) Go to: XML Feeds Center.

8) Click on “Implement XML feed”.

BidVertiser XML Feed Implementation Instruction:

To receive the BidVertiser Sponsored Ads in an XML format, you will need to submit a valid HTTP request in the following format:

pidUnique id to identify your account with BidVertiserRequired
bidUnique id to identify specific XML FeedRequired
KtermSearch Term, the “search phrase” or “keyword” that the user is searching for.Required
cipIP address of the user that the ads will be served to, usually the REMOTE_ADDR HTTP HeaderRequiredMust be identical to the IP of the click!
maxcountThe maximum number of ads to display.RequiredDefault is 5, Maximum is 10
bvrefThe actual page URL of the website the ads are served from (real referrer).RequiredMust be URL-Encoded.<brMust be identical to the referrer of the click!
u_agntThe User-Agent of the customer triggering the requestMust be URL-Encoded.
Must be identical to the User-Agent of the click!
showimgsShow CPC image ads along with the traditional text adsSet as “1” to enable image ads
ownidUnique identifier that allows you to segment different traffic sources (SubID). Reports are providedRequiredIf not set by you, must be set as “xml1”

XML Feed Example:

For example here’s what a sample XML Feed request with your unique feed might look like:

As you can see, for this example we used your own IP address as the “cip” parameter. This must be replaced, of course, dynamically, with the IP of the user that initiates the request on real-time, as well as the “bvref”, “u_agnt” and “Kterm” parameters.

XML Reply:

General Elements:
Bidvertiserxmlidentifying a BidVertiser XML response
Requestinfoto ease QA and debugging, the request data is sent back as part of the XML response
ResultscountNumber of ads that are being sent as part of the XML response. Equal or less than the maxcount
Text Ad Elements:
TitleTitle of the ad. Equal or less than 25 chars
displayURLDisplay URL that can be shown as part of the ad. Equal or less than 25 chars
RedirectThe target URL to redirect to when clicking the ad
cpcNet CPC (US$)
Image Ad Elements (valid if the request contains “showimgs=1”)
adtypeWill be set as “image” for image ad
adwidthThe width, in pixels, of the image
adheightThe height, in pixels, of the image
adsourceThe URL to grab the image from (from BidVertiser servers
RedirectThe target URL to redirect to when clicking the image ad
cpcNet CPC (US$)

9) For a bespoke PHP implementation, click on “PHP Feed Implementation”.

PHP Sample XML Feed Implementation:

Sample PHP code is provided for a quick implementation of our XML feed – you can use the following PHP code as an implementation sample to get you started:

Your XML Feed Request Format:

10) Click on “XML reporting API” for detailed activity statistics in XML format.

Your XML Reporting Request Format:

Required Parameters:

pidUnique id to identify your account with BidVertiser
bidUnique id to identify specific XML Feed
tokenAPI token issues by BidVertiserPlease contact your representative or open a support ticket to receive your token.
end_dateyyyy-mm-ddmax date interval 7 days

Optional Parameters:

subidSpecific Subid Show statistics for specific subid only
groupby_date=1Group records by date
groupby_publisher=1Group records by publisher
records_per_pageNumber of records per page. Default value: 500Maximum allowed: 500
pageAccess specific page if more than 1
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  1. Hi,

    Here I am little bit confused and want your help.

    As you mentioned in this blog-

    My confusion is with the Kterm and Cip used. When a user is coming to my website I don’t know what he is searching for. So, what should be written as Kterm value? You mentioned that Kterm=[ ], Shall I leave this space blank?

    I don’t even know what is the IP address user he is coming from. So again, shall I leave it blank as you mentioned, cip=[ ] ?

    Please let me know what to do.


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