Increase Bidvertiser Earnings Up To 200% By Using Slider Ads

BidVertiser supports Slider Ads which slides up from the bottom of the screen and show on top of the page. Slider ads are basically a attention grabber kind of ads and they have become popular because of the fact that they are unique. Here are the advantages of Slider Ads:

1) Unique: Slider ads are vivid and the users of your site will find it compelling enough to click on the ads.

2) Increase in CTR: Slider ads results in increase in the Click through rate as they are altogether a different type of ads.

3) Increase in Revenue up to 200%: According to the statistics, publishers have reported an increase in revenue to 200% after they started using Slider Ads.

4) Unobtrusiveness: A slider ad will be shown only once per 24 hours per user. Also, a user can close a slider ad by clicking on the close button which is located at the top of the slider.

5) Another way of making money: Slider Ads are definitely another way of making money apart from the regular display ads.

6) Attention Grabber ads: Since the slider moves from bottom to the top of the page, it grabs the attention of your site visitors.

Revenue accrued the Slider Ads will be added as the Conversion Revenue in your reports. By default, Slider Ads will be automatically activated for all the active publishers.

If you wish to disable Slider Ads, follow these steps:

1. Login to your Bidvertiser account.

2. Click “Preferences”.

3. Under “Display Slider Ads” choose “No”.

4. Click “Update”.

5. Repeat this step for each ad spot that you run.

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