Increase Chitika Earnings By Using Chitika List Unit, CLU

Chitika List Unit (CLU) is a form of ad unit in Chitika where you don’t have to adjust height of the ad unit. While setting up a Chitika List Unit all you have to do is to pick the number of ads which will be shown in the ad space and set up the width. The height of the ad unit will be adjusted automatically based on your visitor’s screen size. Chitika List Unit takes care of the white spaces and your visitors will see an uncluttered ad unit. You can pick the number of ads which would be displayed in the ad unit. The maximum number of ads which can be displayed in a Chitika List Unit is 9 and the minimum is 1. Thus by Chitika List Unit you can display more number of ads per unit.

How Chitika List Unit (CLU) helps in increasing revenue?

It’s a no-brainer – the more ads you show, the more chances that the ads will be clicked and thus the revenue will be increased. So basically, a CLU is nothing but a big ad instead of regular 300×250 or 120x 600 ad unit. The point is not to leave extra spaces behind and to fill all the white spaces with ads. Publishers using the new Chitika List Unit (CLU) ads are seeing a 32% increase in CTR on average.

How to set up a Chitika List Unit (CLU)?

To set up a Chitika List Unit, follow the below given steps:

1) Login to your Chitika account and go to: Ad Setup.

2) Under “List Unit”, click on “Get Started”.

3) Pick link color, text color, background color, and border color as per your requirements.

4) Enter the ad unit width in field “Unit Width”.

5) Select the ad count from “AdCount” drop down menu. This will be the number of ads which will be displayed in the list unit.

6) Add an “Alternate Ad URL” (optional): You can add a alternate ad URL which will be displayed when the Chitika premium ads are not showing. You can add ad URL for Adsense, Amazon, etc.

7) Channel: You can add a channel for categorizing your list units.

8) Click on “Get code”.

That’s it, you have created a Chitika List Unit. Now, copy and paste the ad unit in your site.

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