How To Disable Draft Auto Save Option In WordPress

Apart from being a great blogging platform WordPress has its limitations. One of them is there is no option to disable the auto save drafts in the core. Auto save option is actually not a bad thing. If it is not present, then, most of the naive bloggers may forget to save the draft and ultimately lose it. If you have a regular blog which has nothing to do with coding or tech, then you probably shouldn’t even worry about the auto save option.

However, if you run a tech blog, involving codes, and images which you have to edit from the blog post section, then sometimes auto save option can be a nightmare. Some of the HTML tags gets disappeared just like that, some of the special characters gets inserted sometimes. Especially, when you are editing from the “Text” view then you will see funny things happening in the post. The posts which could be edited in minutes can take hours.

To avoid all this you can simply use a pluginĀ WP-CMS Post Control.

Download, install and activate the plugin as usual and then click on “Post Control Core” under “Settings”. Check the option “Disable Autosave”, click on “Save”. You can also disable the revisions if you like.

That’s it, this will prevent the annoying auto save option in WordPress blog.

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