5 Tips for Crafting Best Product Descriptions that Convert

There is nothing more effective than product descriptions when it comes to selling products. Searching for unknown products online usually leads people to scanning dozens of products before they settle on a purchase. What wins them over a lot of the time is the product description. 

Depending on how well the description sells the product, they could even recommend it to their friends and family. However, that description has to have more than just the basic beats.

Here are 5 tips for crafting the perfect product description.

1. Focus on Your Niche and Ideal Buyer

Focus on Your Niche and Ideal Buyer

You have to market to your niche buyer. It’s not going to make much sense to appeal to the general buyer. Most people aren’t going to hear about your product if you don’t market it very specifically. For example, if your product is for kids, you shouldn’t market it for adults or appeal to the elderly. You can try to appeal to parents however, since they’re the ones spending the money after all. 

Similarly, if you’re marketing to women, you can also pander to their partners. It’s not just one specific type of person that you need to market to. However, remember to know who your audience is. If you generalize, you will lose out in the long run. 

2. Make Great Use of Benefits

Make Great Use of Benefits

Most consumers are looking for what your product can do for them. Hence, you need to market it so that you’re talking to the user specifically. For example, if you’re selling shampoo conditioner, you need to tell the customer what it’ll do for their hair. A lot of customers can get dry flakes in the winter. So you can talk about how the conditioner will keep their hair flake free. 

If you’re selling a light bulb, you can reel them in with lines like, “let us light up your world”. It may seem cheesy and overly dramatic. However, that’s what works in advertising. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. 

3. Appeal to the Imagination of Your Reader

Appeal to the Imagination of Your Reader

According to a study, people may want to own a product more after they’ve held it in their hands. If you’re selling online, you unfortunately don’t have that luxury. However, you can describe to your readers what it’s like to use or hold your product. 

You can use visual cues like beautiful photos and videos to make your point. However, something else that’s very convincing is writing a very compelling description of your product. You can talk about how it feels in the hand and how it can be a joy to use. This involves appealing to the imagination of the potential customer. It’s not something that comes easy. This is why you should trust product description writing services to come up with a compelling description. 

Not only will they help your customers feel what it’s like to hold that product, but to use it as well. You can also insert comments from your customers to entice people further in to buying your product. Nothing sells a product more than what a customer has to say about it. People tend to trust other customers more since they’re an unbiased source which doesn’t have anything to gain from promotions.  

4. Use Mini-Stories to Tear Down Rational Barriers

Use Mini-Stories to Tear Down Rational Barriers

There are a lot of rational barriers that customers tend to put up before buying a product. It’s a natural reaction to save oneself from buyer’s remorse. They could’ve been betrayed by a previous purchase or heard of someone else being swindled recently. Whatever the reason, some people just want to find something to reject a product. Hence, to cut through those barriers, you need to create some mini-stories. 

These don’t have to be fables, but they need to tell the story of the product in a compelling way. Talk about the person making the product, the inspiration behind it, how many people have used it, etc. You can also talk about the obstacles that were overcome when making the product and how it was tested. All these things will make a very compelling story. If you give all these details to product content writers, they can draft a wonderful story for you. 

5. Focus on Readability 

Focus on Readability

Long winded paragraphs and detailed break downs of a product won’t work in your favor. In fact, it’ll dissuade the potential customer from reading any further. You need to structure your description so that they can easily find what they need. You need to split up the description in to headings so they can get to what they want. This can include the specifications of the product, the shelf-life, the warranty, the dimensions, etc. 

This gives the description a scannable design. It can allow potential customers to satisfy themselves with just a few glances and proceed to order. You can make the description even more readable by highlighting the best qualities of the product via bullet points. You can also bold text, increase its size, or even color it differently. All these things will call attention to the best qualities of the product. 

If you follow these rules, you’ll be able to write a great product description.

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