5 Ideas To Improve Google Ads PPC Advertising Campaign

5 Ideas To Improve Google AdWords PPC Advertising Campaign

PPC is assumed to be a quick way to attract customers or target a specific audience. Various strategies are there to pull the audience towards your website and business as well. Customers are the only key to a successful business. More the customers, more the business.

Business owners are curious to know a new strategy every time that can lead them ahead of their competition.

Here I am discussing some expert tips that you must include in your PPC campaign to make it more effective and generate better results. Because if you are spending money, it must return some results too.

Improve your PPC campaign with including these ideas:

1) Ad extensions to improve your CTR

The more people know about anything, more they trust on them. Additional information with ad extensions to the AdWords let the users have more information about your business. There are more chances to get a click by providing extra information about your business.

Be aware of which extensions to be used to get better results.

While selling a product, adding the price of the product can save your money and generate more leads too.

Wondering how? let’s take an example if someone is looking for a shirt and they see your ad on the internet. They will definitely click to know about the price or other details and if it is affordable for them they can buy it otherwise they will leave it. But if the price is already displayed with the product, only the users who can afford it will click on the ad.

A lot of clicks will be saved in this way hence your money too.

2) How to reduce the CPC if your most efficient keywords going higher

No one wants to pay higher for anything. As the keywords for specific a brand generates more traffic and more CTR but at the same time, they cost higher too. Good news is that you can reduce the amount you are paying for your most profitable keywords by grouping them tightly by themes in ad groups. This will reduce your cost as well as increase the CTR.

To make the quality score up, you must take care of some important things like the relevancy of landing page keywords with the keywords in the AdWords.

Using a single keyword for a specific ad group can also be useful in making an ad group tighter and will make more CTR for sure. This technique is implemented by the most successful campaigns of the PPC.

3) Focus on the Local PPC campaigns

It’s paramount to look out at the users which you want to target in a specific area and make them be part of your campaign. To target the audience in a specific region, using the local keywords will not be enough in it.

While setting up the AdWords, use the advanced location settings in it to make sure to reach the audience present in the region you want to target.

Also, make sure that the location extension is available on your AdWords by making the Google my business account as well.

4) Analyzing your Competitor works all time

Optimizing the competitor’s strategies to figure out how they are getting better results can be helpful in tackling problems when no other solution appears. You can use various tools available for competitor’s analysis.

But the best part of competitors analysis is you will get to know what they are not able to provide or where they are lacking in their services. Figuring it out will be a golden chance for you to work on the part they are lacking by being perfect in it. It will definitely take you above your competitors.

Try to search for the new queries at Google regarding your services and get the long tail keywords which are mostly used by people nowadays especially during voice search. But also choose them wisely, they must be having less CPC and more productivity chances.

5) Check out how effective your campaign is?

After making such efforts in the PPC campaign, it would be better to check whether everything is working well or not. By analyzing how effective your strategies are, will also be helpful in finding out what to do next.

There are a number of third-party tools available to have the reports for your campaigns. Some of the terms that will help you in having the insight to your work are: Auction insight reports, search term reports, quality score, and scripts. Every term has different work, the auction insight reports will tell you where you actually stand as compared to your competitors. Search term reports are to measure that from where you are getting more clicks and better results. The quality score is to represent your ad’s relevancy. And the last one scripts, which is assumed to provide the detailed results using hourly bidding and the heatmaps.

I assure you that following these tricks your PPC campaign will improve a lot and will provide you better results.

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