5 Ways to Promote Educational Website with Digital Marketing

5 Ways to Promote Educational Website with Digital Marketing

What is the one thing that is common for almost everyone you see around you? The one common factor which connects almost everyone from the millennials era is technology and digitization. If we sit down to make a list of all the things that have changed and revolutionized with the advent of technology and digitization, trust us the list will be endless.

With almost 3.5 million people connected online, in more than so many ways technology has become an integral part of our lives. The way we see movies, the way we shop, the way we travel and the way we connect with others for professional reasons has changed 360 degrees. More than the publicity that is visible on most print medium formats and the television as well, 67% of people get influenced by the online reviews when deciding to purchase any goods or service. 

Earlier the diverse medium of online marketing and the digital platform was only friendly for companies which had a direct consumer-based brand. Looking at the effectiveness and the reach of digital marketing, slowly and gradually education-based services also saw the immense potential in reaching out to customers through the medium of digital marketing. 

Marketers need to build digital relationships and reputation before closing a sale – Chris Brogan

According to a study conducted by a new study, 94% of students conduct most of their research work with the help of Google and other educational websites.  Online education or e-learning as it is termed now days is starkly different from the other conventional ways of imparting education in a typical classroom setup. With time and availability being a constant constraint, students these days look for flexible learning options that can cater to their learning needs at the time most convenient to them. It is, therefore, no surprise that of late a lot of education-based websites and apps are suddenly surging in demand. 

Along with the flexibility option, there are plenty of other reasons why choosing to study via the portal of an online educational website is becoming more and more favourable. 

•    A student is not bound to a certain place or location to avail the services and can study as long as there are high-speed internet and an internet friendly device. 

•    Since there is no teacher or a classroom setup involved the cost of the learning procedure also visibly comes down. 

•    A student can choose to study from the comfort of their home without travelling for long-distance. 

All those organizations that soon saw the tremendous visibility and reach of educational based websites soon wanted to capitalize on the market and make a headstrong move. This is one of the reasons why most educational websites capitalize on these very reasons and make a rather strong digital presence.

Education based websites

There is no denying that the market is booming and if you have a good service with the correct set of the target audience in mind, there is no stopping you from making a name in the niche as the best education-based website. So how can you become the reigning king in the world of digital marketing? Here are the 5 highly effective tips to help you do just that: 

1) Underline the key target audience

Education itself is a very broad and diverse field. There are so many tiers to education starting from primary to graduation and even post-graduate studies. As there are more courses and career options that are opening up, you first need to highlight and analyze your clientele. Trust us, this first step in often the most time consuming because you need to decide who your educational website will cater to and then accordingly come up with the best digital marketing strategy.

2) What you see is what you get

All those planning to invest in an educational website need to get one fact straight, that the design and the concept of your website pages are the most important. The way you structure your website and design affects the decision of almost 80% of students. Looks and the feel need to be appealing and should be a visual treat. It is evident that you make your website user-friendly and uncomplicated as much as possible.

3) Mobile-friendly website interface

When you think of launching an educational portal it is important to keep in mind the different mediums that are used to access the same information. While planning your website keep in mind that your website needs to play a dual role of being accessible via a laptop and also equally smooth and user-friendly with the help of a smartphone.

4) Portals, portals everywhere, but which one to select?

With a plethora of options now out in the open, one of the hardest tasks become highlighting and understanding which digital medium to use the most to advertise your service. There is absolutely no point advertising your service in a place where you will get zero returns. Again for this, you need to have a clear idea of your target audience. Conduct research and find out which portal is the most used by that target audience and then go ahead to plan your digital marketing strategy.

5) Content is the ultimate King

On average, almost 27 million pieces of content is shared online! Imagine being a speck in front of such a large number. What is so different and unique about your content and all the other that is being uploaded? Why come to you when there is so much more available. When curating content for an educational website you need to make sure that you give maximum time. Since education is what you will be providing you need to have content which isn’t already there in the bundles of books that students already read while they are in school and college. Why will any student pay extra only to read something that they already have read? This last step is the one that you need to focus on the most. 

The ultimate aim of every education based app and website is to be the first name that pops up on Google the moment they search for it. There is no perfect remedy to do the same and one first has to understand the real pulse of digital marketing before actually getting to the phase when you master it and get any positive returns. Get more students to leave positive feedback and reviews because the one thing that influences online service purchasers is the reviews and comments that are mentioned about them. 

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