Influencer Marketing – How To Build Blogger Influence Network

Influencers play a vital role when it comes to connecting your brand to the potential consumers. Modern-day consumers tend to trust recommendations from influencers more than the advertisements on billboards. An influencer network will drive traffic to your site as well as increase the exposure of your brand in the social media. The strategy of working with influencers working online in the form of bloggers comes with a lot of benefits to your company business.

The following aspects define an influencer for your brand

· Context

You should approach the right influencer to market your brand. Bloggers differ when it comes to the type of brand they promote. Provide your prospect blogger with a brief background of your brand and the entire business. Explain your expectations to the blogger in details and inform him on why you think the two of you are a perfect match.

· Approach Niche influencers

Examine your buyer personas to find bloggers that will meet your brand and business needs. You should select the type of bloggers that the purchaser personas would ask questions about your brand or business. Create a network of influencers that your prospect consumers would follow on a regular basis.

· Create an Opt-In Hub

An Opt-In Hub will provide your brand with new influencers on a regular basis. Your homepage should have an option where bloggers can apply to be part of your team. When bloggers begin seeing their colleagues posting interesting things about your product, they will check your website to see if they can apply to be part of the influencer team. Whenever you get applications from bloggers interested in promoting your brand, ask for crucial information such as blog URL, social channels links, and the reason why they like your product.

· Design creative campaigns

Product launches and campaigns become easy to manage after you have developed a healthy and vigorous relationship with your team of influencers. You should focus on seasons, holidays, and other different avenues to conduct the most creative campaigns possible. Work with the influencers to create an interesting story that will popularize your brand among the target population.

· Organize Blogger events to expand your product visibility

Organize a onsite event for influencers to learn about your products in details. The face-to-face events create a stronger relationship between you and the influential bloggers and add authenticity to any post they create regarding your product. Utilize the outreach program to give the influencers access to all new features and other upcoming trends.

Avenues to look for an ideal influencer

· Blogger outreach

Search for blogs online that focus on your genre. Find the niche by going through the posts to determine whether they write relevant topics. After identifying relevant bloggers, locate their SEO statistics and other social media information. There are plenty of blogger outreach tools you could use to perform this task.

· Social media monitoring

Social media monitoring enables you to identify bloggers that fit in your niche. An example is an individual who posts and tweets nicely about the health benefits of yogurt but not mention the best brand to use. Such a blogger would be the perfect fit for your yogurt business.

Compensate your influencers

Make your influencer feel appreciated and acknowledge for the good job they do. There are several ways you could use to offset the influencers of your brand. Some of them are mentioned below:

· Financially: if the popularity of your product is indeed rising, then you could appreciate your product influence by paying them. However, you need to proceed with caution.

· Product discount: you can decide to offer a discount on your service to your brand influencers.

· Commissions: you can choose to give commissions for the clients brought to your way by powerful influencers.

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