How To Find A Perfect Website Content Writer For Your Blog

If you’ve ever thought about starting a blog then you may be struggling to find a writer that can put your thoughts into the right words.

Interesting, engaging and colorful content is hard to find and getting a writer to fill your pages with sparkling content isn’t as easy as you think. Turning a single line topic into a blog which is informative as well as entertaining is a form of art.

So how can you find the perfect content writer for your blog? We’ve looked at some of the best essay writing websites and put together everything you need to know.

Questions to ask before you start:

    1. Why am I starting this blog?
    2. What do I want to say?
    3. Who will read my blog?

Think about your audience

The first thing you need to do when starting a blog is think about who you want to read it. It’s all very well to write and write but if the only person it is likely to interest is you then you’re not going to see hordes of people coming to your site overnight!

If you’re writing about a specific subject or about an industry, it can’t hurt to have a look round at some of the blogs that are already out there.

Even if you’re not sure of your niche just yet, you can check out this list of the top 50 worldwide blogs for some inspiration.

If you’ve already started reading blog related to your interest then this is a great place to look for writers. Is there a guest blogger or author whose posts you really enjoy? Do you see anyone online that matches your style?

Tone and voice

When you’re searching for a content writer, you need to do a lot of reading! Take a look through their blogs, email them and even scroll down their Twitter feed to get an idea of how they sound in print.

What kind of tone do you want your blog to have? Is this a chatty, informal environment where posts are aimed at entertaining or do you want someone who can write authoritatively on a specific topic?

Your choice of writer will set the tone for your entire blog. For example, if you want to run a conversational, chatty website which posts about training your dog in a fun and informative way you will want someone that can turn relatively dull “how to” posts into something entertaining.

But if you’re looking for in-depth analysis about the housing market, you’re going to want to drop the chatty style and go with a more formal approach. Going back to our first point – it all rests on the audience!


If you’re asking a writer to blog on a specific subject then it is definitely worthwhile choosing someone that knows your niche well. You can hire the best writer in the world but if you’re asking them to write about something complex and specialist, it is worth looking for someone who has in depth knowledge of that area.

References and following

How well known is this blogger? While we’d all love to be the next Guido Fawkes or Perez Hilton, these bloggers spend years building their following.

If you can attract someone to write for you that is already well-known in their industry and has an audience ready and waiting, this takes some of the pressure off and guarantees you will have readers from the moment you launch.

Any writer worth their salt should have a portfolio and be able to point you in the direction of happy past clients. Always check out their feedback before hiring. Look for reliability, number of completed jobs and if possible speak to past employers.

Bear in mind however, a successful writer will come at a cost. They may have rival sites bidding for them and you could end up paying more. This leads us on to…


An experienced writer comes at a price. The more skilled and experienced the content writer, the more you are likely to pay. There’s two things you need to consider when you’re negotiating a rate.

  1. How much work are you willing to do yourself? If you are happy to clean up copy, proof for spelling and grammar errors and fact check it yourself then you can probably pay a cheaper, less experienced writer.
  2. Do you want “blog ready” copy? It will cost more but is it more important to trust someone to write accurate, error-free copy and all you have to do is cut and paste onto your website?

Top four websites for finding content writers:


So if you’re launching a blog or just looking for a new content writer to fill a gap on your website, then hopefully these tips will help you find the perfect content writer for your blog.

Remember references, knowledge, cost and tone are the most important things to consider when choosing the right blogger.

Good luck!

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