Find Which WordPress Theme, Plugins Are Installed On Blog

While you are browsing sites and blogs, there are situations when you stumble upon a blog which you find particularly engaging. You might want to build a site around that particular framework. You may find some of the plugins fitting for your blog or if you are curious about which softwares are installed in the site. There are many tools and resources by which you can find out which of the WordPress Theme, plugins and software are installed on a site. I have included some of these tools as given below:

1) By using What wp theme is that: This is the most easy way to find out the WordPress themes and plugins installed on the site. You just have to type in the website in question in the field “Enter a domain or URL” and click on “Check Site”. It find out theme name, company homepage for the theme, description, author, license, screenshot, details of child theme (if any), and the list of plugins installed on the site.

2) By using WP Theme Detector: It is a similar tool for finding WordPress theme and plugins. If some of the plugins were missed by the previous tool, you can find it by using this tool.

3) By using a Chrome extension Theme Sniffer: This is a Google Chrome extension which ca be used for finding the WordPress themes.  You need to install this on your Chrome browser to check the WordPress themes. Apart from WordPress, it can also find out which Joomla template installed on a Joomla powered site.

4) By using a Firefox extension Wappalyzer: Wappalyzer is a Mozilla Firefox extension for checking software installed on a site. This is one of the most powerful tools out there which gives you almost every information about a site. It can find out Analytics tools, blog platforms, cache tools, captcha tools, CDN, CMS, comment systems, database managers, databases, documentation tools, editors, font scripts, hosting panels, issue trackers, JavaScript frameworks, JavaScript graphics, LMS, maps, marketing automation, media servers, message boards, mobile frameworks, network devices, operating systems, photo galleries, printers, programming languages, rich text editors, search engines, video players, web frameworks, web mail, web server extensions, web servers, web shops, webcams, widgets, and wikis installed on a site. You can also download this extension for Chrome.

5) By using Built with: Built with is an online tool which you can use for finding server information, content management systems, frameworks advertising, analytics and tracking, JavaScript libraries, widgets, content delivery network, aggregation functionality, document information, and encoding information about a site.

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