5 Blogging Tips To Make Your WordPress Blog More Successful

5 Blogging Tips To Make Your WordPress Blog More Successful

Do you want to run a successful blog? If you do and you have researched what you need to make your site successful, you have likely been told that great content is the key to your blogging success. Now don’t get me wrong having great content is an enormously important part of running a top-notch blog but there are other elements that go along with making sure your blog gets popular and stays that way. In this post we are going to look at some of the elements a successful blog needs:

1) Headlines

Having an attention grabbing headline is one element that you definitely need to have for your blog to be a success. You need to make sure that the headlines that you choose are going to compel as many people as possible to read your blog posts. Perform some keyword research, try to include keywords in your blog posts headline and H1 tag, for a blog post to perform well on social media the headline needs to be catchy.

2) Call to Action

A solid call to action is something else that is essential to a successful blog. When you are in the midst of promoting something through your blog you need to make sure that you create a call to action that will convince people to complete an action such as purchasing your products or services. Think carefully about what your call to action will be, spend some time to learn about the kind of tactics marketing gurus employ when they want to sell a product.

3) Images

High quality images should also be an element that is added to your blog. You need to make sure that the images that you select are going to be as high quality as the content of your blog posts, quality images will improve click-throughs and may help you generate traffic from sites like Pinterest. If you have poor quality images in your blog posts it will simply turn people off from reading what you have written. I find morguefile to be a good source of free images.

4) Comments

A comment section is yet another element that you should add to your blog, comments are standard on WordPress but they can be improved with plugins such as disqus and commentluv (if you are using WordPress for the first time you will find this beginners guide useful). You want to give people the ability to comment on the posts that you are making so that you know if you are providing them with quality and helpful content, stuff they want to read. You know that you are doing good when you are getting positive comments and discussion in your comment section.

5) Search Function

A search bar is another essential aspect to having a successful blog. You need your blog to be easily accessible so that your readers can get to the information they need, maybe they will have read a post on your site before and want to find it again. You may also want to consider adding an html sitemap.

So as you can see from the above content is just of the things that you need to have a popular and successful blog, I would also recommend you add an SEO and social media plugin. Don’t forget to create pages and profiles on social media sites like Facebook, G+, etc.

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