Infographic – Tips for A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Subject Line

It’s the shortest, the hardest, and sometimes, the most important part of your email. Why? Because based on it the reader makes a decision whether to open it or delete it right away. On a side note: it is really important not to forget to write it (as for some of us it’s the last part of the email to fill in) – there is nothing worse than an email without a subject.

The balance

Short and clear description of your idea or product Make sure it fits into one screen page.

Being personal is good. Being too personal might do quite the opposite of what you are expecting.

Ask for feedback

Don’t be afraid to ask for your customers feedback. Even if it’s going to be a criticism. There are few ways you could use it:

  • Find out about the faults or defects of your product: analyze it, fix or improve it, and get a happy customer with your next email.
  • Create a real open dialogue with your customers. Show them how much you care, and that there is a real person – you! – behind that product.
  • Get free ideas on how to make your product or service even better. Go ahead of your competitors!

Infographic - Tips for A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

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  1. Especially in technology related email marketing Infographics is very much useful to convey the technical concept in understandable way. So this article is very much useful.

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