What To Do When You Got Tired And Bored Of Blogging

Well, you could do anything, watch a movie, go outside, play ball, I mean I don’t know? Just don’t blog anymore. There’s a thing about blogging that when you do it for a long long time, you get tired of it. And its okay to be tired of blogging. There’s nothing wrong in that.

It’s not a 9 to 6 gig!

A lot of bloggers out there do it like a 9 to 6 show but blogging is far from it. You can’t just put a schedule down and write. If you read any autobiography of a hot shot writer you will see that’s exactly what they say. Blogging is also about writing and it can’t be different. You can create blogs by putting schedules but the quality of content wouldn’t be the same.

It’s actually a reflex action!

When you are sitting idle or in some deep thoughts, suddenly you get an idea about a post. Bam! That’s exactly the time to write a blog post. You just got a fresh idea and you put it down on paper. It’s simple. A lot of people say that after some time you don’t get ideas for new blog posts, especially when you are running your blog on a tight niche. As a matter of fact, they are not doing it correctly. The idea will come all by itself. You have to give some time to it. In the mean time you could do some other pending work like going for a shopping or spending some time with your family.

It’s great when it happens all by itself! and it WILL happen for sure!

When you are away from blogging say for about a week or something it doesn’t matter. You can again bounce back with actually more passion than before. You don’t have to worry about new ideas for posts. It will come to you all by itself provided you are an expert of that genre. If you are not, you shouldn’t be writing about that topic in the first place. It would be like Shakespeare thinking to write something about Mac Book Pro.

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