Confirmed Google PageRank Update On December 6, 2013

Google has finally rolled out its second PageRank update for year 2013 after February 4, 2013. It has been quite some time, almost 10 months since we had a Page rank update from Google. Well, eventually, the wait is over and we have a Page rank update. We wholeheartedly welcome this Page rank update as Thats Journal is now PR 4:

Google Page Rank Update on December 6, 2013 for Thats Journal
We started this blog in October 2012 and for almost a year it was PR 0. Thanks to Google, that now it is PR 4. On another news, we are receiving some inspirational responses for our posts and giveaways. We are really glad that you are enjoying our posts on WordPress and other blog resources. You might want to check out our giveaways where we are giving away awesome WordPress plugins and really innovative software to some of our lucky readers. Our primary goal would always is to help more people with setting up their pro blogs and provide useful WordPress plugins, tools and resources for free. If you need any specific WordPress plugin or tool please let me know and I will try my best to get it posted on our future giveaways. We believe that the next year would be very interesting and we are all having our fingers crossed for it.

PS:  One of our WordPress theme site is now PR 3 and another Tech blog is now PR 4. However, some of the other sites which were not getting updated regularly are still PR 0 and a couple of them went from PR 2 to PR 1.

Conclusion: If you ask me to fix a rule for this PR update, then, the sites which have been updated regularly over the past year got a boost in the PR and the ones which were not updated are still the same, for the exception that a couple of them have lost one point.

Over to you: Please do let me know about your experiences with this latest PR update. (I know that Google PR doesn’t mean much nowadays, but still it is a tool to measure how reliable a site is, in the eyes of Google).

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