How To Make Adsense Ads Responsive, Adaptive In WordPress

In this post I will discuss about an innovative WordPress plugin which you can use for making Google Adsense ads responsive and adaptive to various types of devices (like iPhone, iPad, other tablets, smart phones, netbooks, etc.) and screen resolutions. Adsense ads are not responsive and they have a fixed size. However, by using this plugin, we will use the widget where the ads will be put and enter multiple ad sizes. When the user accesses your website from a different device like a tablet or a smart phone then the ads will be displayed according to the size of the screen. The way it works, you need to put multiple ad sizes for a single location of and ad. For Example, if there’s an advertisement you wish to place in the sidebar widget, enter the title of the ad, then enter the Adsense publisher ID, and select 5 ad sizes in the widget. Also, you can assign 5 Ad Ids for these ads. This widget can be added anywhere in the site by using shortcodes.

How To Make Adsense Ads Responsive, Adaptive In WordPress
Now, when someone opens your site in a tablet or smart phone, then the best ad size will be picked from the ad sizes you have entered based on the width of the containing element. All the five ad sizes you have entered will be looked for finding the best fit which will be specific for the tablet or the smart phone.

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