How To Make A Home Renovation Website – Best Tips And Designs

Is that a classic or contemporary style that you enjoy in the home design? Do you give preference to minimalist or functional interiors? As much as every home renovation project requires special preparation, a home renovation website should be built with the proper treatment.

In search of the opportunities to boost the customer reach, all contemporary businesses present their services on the web. If you are one of those home services contractors, you like have no clue on how to build your website in the way that will keep your customers happy and most importantly help you boost your sales. If you look forward to getting your business online or building a website for your client, then this post will help you find the right path on the way to the creation of a usable home maintenance website.

What Does Running a Maintenance Website Entitle?

The first thing that should be clarified is that your maintenance website is a sales funnel. The main goal of house renovation websites is providing the online visitors with the chance to engage with your content, provide them with the possibility to get in touch with you, use smart CTAs, and follow up your updates.

The visual presentation of remodeling and maintenance services websites is of the great importance from the aesthetic perspective. Sure, it should be well-coded and optimized for the search engines in order to drive the expected traffic boost to your maintenance website. Also, you should mind integrating the popular web design and development technique into your online project, so that it remains competitive in the modern-day market. Examining the features of your competitors’ websites is always a good idea. We decided to save your time and share a list of the most popular features that can be found on home renovation websites.

Features That Home Renovation Websites Have in Common

In addition to the aesthetically pleasing presentation and properly-written code, house renovation websites feature a series of additional characteristics that are intended to engage the target audience.

These include:

  • Fast performance. If you do not want to lose potential customers, then you need to take care of the site loading speeds. An average web user will abandon a web page that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Faster loading speeds will result in the better UX and better ranking of your website in the search engines.
  • Optimization for small screens. I guess I won’t surprise you saying that the majority of your customers will access your web pages on-the-go, using their smartphones and tablets. Your home renovation design should be built with the mobile-first paradigm, meaning that the icons and main navigation items are easy to tap on the touchscreens. Mobile-friendly websites are ranked higher in the search engines, letting reach a wider web audience.
  • A modern-looking and catching design is the indispensable factor of any house renovation website. Simply imagine how upset will be your customers if they land on the poorly designed web page. While working on the visual presentation of your web page, mind including recognizable branded colors, large images of the high quality, readable fonts, as well as quick-to-scan layout structure. All elements of your site’s design need to be optimized for the mobile. This deals with texts, buttons, colors, images, icons, navigation patterns, etc.
  • Be transparent. Do not hide the physical address of your business from your visitors. Revealing the company’s name, location, and contact telephone numbers grow users’ trust in your business, making it more likely they will order your home renovation services.
  • The photo gallery revealing your company’s portfolio should be placed front and center. However, while creating a photo gallery for your site, try to make it look unique and different from the basic galleries used by your competitors. Make sure that you reveal images of the highest quality only. Mind, also, that each picture is optimized for the speedy performance, without slowing down your site. In order to make your site more findable through images, include descriptive file names and ALT tags.
  • Running a blog on your home renovation website will help you rank well in the organic search. This will make your web page look interesting for the visitors. By means of a blog, you can keep the audience updated on the latest innovations in the industry, as well as introduce them to your new projects.

Maintenance Services Templates for House Renovation Websites

Launching home renovation websites can be effortless if you select the right maintenance website templates for the purpose. The pre-designed web solutions that you can find listed below, are the great examples of how a contemporary house renovation website may be presented to the broad web community. You can use these for your inspiration or simply download them to your own collection and build home maintenance website all by yourself. Being one of the most suitable CMS for home remodeling and handyman websites, MotoCMS delivers a bunch of themes and features for design and repair purposes.

1) HouseFix Home Renovation Website Template

HouseFix Home Renovation Website Template

2) ReModel Website Template for Home Remodel Services

ReModel Website Template for Home Remodel Services

3) Home Repair Website Template

Home Repair Website Template

4) Paintelle Painting Contractor Website Template

Paintelle Painting Contractor Website Template

5) CleenQueen Cleaning Company Website Template

CleenQueen Cleaning Company Website Template

Have you come up with the idea of how your home renovation website will look like?

What techniques will it feature? Will it be a web theme-based solution?

Share your reflections with us in the comments.

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