Top 10 PowerPoint, PPT Presentation Slides Design Templates

It is hard for an individual to concentrate on the boring presentation. It is even harder to listen to the person who delivers it. Most of the time people are not sure about the PowerPoint Template that which one will work best, and leave a long-lasting effect on the audience and rely on the basic templates are mainstream and have been done by most of the people that as the time passes it does not look good at all.

If you are looking for some awesome PowerPoint template, then you have to hunt down the Internet but before that. I am here listing down the top 10 best PowerPoint templates that work best for me. So let’s get started.  

1) Ultimate Business PowerPoint Template

Ultimate Business PowerPoint Template

If you are a businessman, you need to present your information in a clean, and straightforward way without making it complicated. This template is for all those businessmen who are looking to present their business ideas. This template has got what you are looking for. With 145 icons that can be resized, reshaped, and moved according to the needs along with the six color themes and more than 100 of the unique presentation styles, this template has got all the wow factors and can move the audience quickly. Also, if you want any Essay Writing Service along with the PPT presentation, you can visit our websites.   

2) Pitch Deck PowerPoint Templates

Pitch Deck PowerPoint Templates

This is the template where you focus more on the product rather than designing the template. The message that is delivered by using this template is powerful, precise and is easily understandable by people. The design of the template is simple and clear; that is why people are diverted to the message of your products easily. Pitch Deck PowerPoint template is one of the finest templates and can be easily tamed by the people as it allows you to edit and re-edit your task frequently, it is a time saver, contains flat designs, and is compatible to use. The professionals at Cheapessaywriter are not only trained in academic writing but can easily make effective presentations that can amaze your audience.

3) Marketing PowerPoint Templates

Marketing PowerPoint Templates

Presenting business proposals or the idea to inform about your product marketing; this template has got everything that a person who wanted to pitch his idea to the world. As a person, you will need to present all sort of data in your presentation, and this template has got everything that you need and can bring excitement to the room. This template contains 50 of the unique form of slides, three flawless colorful themes, and 27 of the unique icons; easily reshaped, resized and moved according to the desires.

4) Awesome Sales PowerPoint Templates

Awesome Sales PowerPoint Templates

Sales are the most vital tool for any company. The salesmen are often off the board, pitching and delivering the product designs and company’s ideas to the people. They generally require a PPT for presenting their ideas and information about the merchandise of the company. By selecting this theme for your sales presentation, you can switch 46 customizable slides along with 29 icons, and colorful themed background. This is the best solution for your sales presentation when you need to close the deal.  

5) Social Media PowerPoint Templates

Social Media PowerPoint Templates

Social Media is all over the world. Many people are on the same page as you are. To present your social media campaign, this template is most suitable for you as it will not only differentiate you from the others but will allow you to present all of your data uniquely and attractively. There is an option to switch between a colorful theme along with 18 icons, that can be reshaped or resized and moved and 45 innovative presentation slides that are designed in a way that can easily manage your data and ROI reports.

6) Best Business PowerPoint Templates

Best Business PowerPoint Templates

Do you want to present your information in the professional tone and a professional format?  If Yes, This template is precisely designed for you then. There are 31 highly compatible and editable slides forms are available along with the choice to switch between 5 colorful background themes. These slides contain charts, info-graphics, timelines and all the tools that could help you to create a pitch-perfect PowerPoint presentation. These tools are editable and perfectly fit according to your need.

7) Portfolio PowerPoint Templates

Portfolio PowerPoint Templates

Are you a fashion designer or a photographer? Do you require presenting your work in the form of portfolios? Are you in need of a perfect portfolio template??  This template is just for you. With the variation of 5 different background color themes and the choice of 15 icons along with the 30 innovative presentation designs slides this is the template that you are in search for. This template is highly supportive when you want to present your work in audio, video or picture form.  

8) Project Status Report PowerPoint Templates

Project Status Report PowerPoint Templates

This is the best design to work on if you are a project manager. Being a project manager, you need to manage all those statistical records, and this theme allows you to do so. It is hard to keep all the record of the data because with so many numbers you are likely to forget or skip some of the data. It is therefore by using this template you are allowed to do 20 variations in the style of the slides along with that eight icons, and a colorful theme is also available that can be utilized accordingly.

9) Business Plan PowerPoint Templates

Business Plan PowerPoint Templates

The business plan describes the aims and objective that is needed to be achieved in a given time frame. But the great business plan should not be in the size of the novel with extensive financial statements. It can be easily prevented by using this form of a template. This template has got exclusive features and allows you to choose between multiple numbers of the color theme along with the nine icons that can be reshaped and resized and 20 unique presentations slide design.  

10) Good Startup PowerPoint Templates

With 28 innovative designs for slides and 22 icons selection that can be reshaped or resized along with the three colorful thematic backgrounds, this template is perfect for sharing everything. This template methodically presents your information in an understandable format.

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