Top 5 Event, Conference, Exhibition, Seminar HTML5 Templates

We have created a list of best, top 5 event, conference, exhibition, seminar HTML5 templates. By using these HTML website templates you can create event planning site, event schedule site, party planner site, event organizer site, meeting site, event management site, event landing page site, event invitation site, sites for business and company events, corporate events site, event calendar site, events booking site, camp sites, concert sites, summit site, speakers site and any other types of events sites. PayPal and Eventbrite have been fully integrated to the event templates. Users can buy tickets directly from your event site.

Here is the list of top 5 event, conference, exhibition, seminar HTML5 templates:

1) Ventcamp HTML5 Template: Ventcamp template is a responsive event HTML5 template which comes with 8 types of homepage layouts. It is the best, most popular, premium and top selling event HTML5 template.

Ventcamp HTML5 Template


  1. Responsive event HTML5 template.
  2. 5 types of color schemes including blue, pink, green, orange and berry.
  3. 8 types of homepage layouts including homepage with countdown, homepage with tickets PayPal, homepage with tickets Eventbrite, homepage with HTML5 video background, homepage with YouTube background, homepage with overlay, homepage with overlay gradient, homepage with fast registration and homepage with fixed height.
  4. Shortcodes support to add advanced maps, buttons, counters, content, gallery, call to action, countdown, navigation, prices, schedule, speakers, sponsors, typography, testimonials, tables and tabs anywhere in your event HTML5 template.
  5. SEO optimized and fast loading event HTML5 template.
  6. Create custom pages like speakers page, schedule page, prices page, contact page, sponsors page, gallery page and buy tickets page.
  7. Compatible with Bootstrap framework.
  8. Built by using HTML5 and CSS3.

2) Porto Event HTML5 Template: Porto Event template is a responsive conference HTML5 template.

Porto Event HTML5 Template


  1. Responsive conference HTML5 template.
  2. Compatible with Bootstrap framework.

3) Polo Event HTML5 Template: Polo Event template is a responsive exhibition HTML5 template.

Polo Event HTML5 Template


  1. Responsive exhibition HTML5 template.
  2. Multiple types of headers including transparent header, light header, light transparent header, dark header, dark transparent, modern header, modern dark header, modern dark transparent header, modern light transparent header, full width header, mini header, static header, header with logo center, header with logo right, no sticky header, header with top bar, header with top bar transparent and header with top bar dark.
  3. 6 types of sliders including full screen HTML5 video slider, full screen text rotator slider, full screen parallax slider, full screen image slider, revolution slider and owl slider.
  4. Multiple types of page titles including left page title, center page title, right page title, gray page title, dark page title, colored page title, pattern page title, extended page title, video page title, parallax page title and animated page title.
  5. 6 types of sidebars including modern sidebar, modern right sidebar, modern both sidebars, classic sidebar, classic right sidebar and classic both sidebars.
  6. Multiple types of page loaders including three dots, spinning circles, rings, puff, oval, hearts, grid, circle, bars, ball triangle and audio.
  7. Multiple types of gallery page layouts including gallery with 2-5 columns, gallery with sidebar left, gallery with sidebar right and full width gallery.
  8. Multiple types of portfolio page layouts including portfolio with focused item, classic portfolio, classic portfolio with no title, classic portfolio with details, classic portfolio with no spacing, full width portfolio, masonry portfolio, masonry full width portfolio, masonry with details portfolio, masonry portfolio with gray background, masonry portfolio with no title, portfolio with sidebar, portfolio with 1-6 columns, slider portfolio, portfolio with video background, portfolio with  gallery, portfolio with presentation parallax and portfolio with presentation.
  9. Compatible with Bootstrap framework.

4) Stack Event HTML5 Template: Stack Event template is a responsive seminar HTML5 template.

Stack Event HTML5 Template


  1. Responsive seminar HTML5 template.
  2. Compatible with Bootstrap framework.

5) Massive Event HTML5 Template: Massive Event template is a responsive event HTML5 template.

Massive Event HTML5 Template


  1. Responsive event HTML5 template.
  2. Compatible with Bootstrap framework.
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