How Website Design Impacts Customer Experience And Branding

How Website Design Impacts Customer Experience And Branding

Are you striving to create brand awareness of your company and hardly get a response from an online audience? Well, in that case, your website’s design could be causing some severe hurdles!

Your website is the first and only thing that depicts your online presence and should be appealing enough to attract potential users! The factors like click-through rate and bounce rate are entirely dependent on the overall design and user experience of your website, which is the main reason more emphasis should be given to these aspects.

The more the appealing design is, the more the clients would be attracted towards your brand without spending much on the digital marketing of your website. Once your design is user-friendly enough to cater to the needs of the different audience, you can expect enough leads! Here we are providing detailed information regarding some common aspects related to the website design that influences the customer experience.

1) Your Website’s First Impression is the Last Impression

Just like in case of a person’s first impression, the website’s impression has also a great influence on the audience. There are numerous ways you can build trust over the potential clients and your website’s user experience remains on the top of the list!

You can never get the trust of your audience from a website that isn’t able to convince the users on their first visit regardless of the quality of content that you are offering. One need to precisely place the essential elements in a way that it doesn’t affect the overall appeal of the website. As per the expert designers, one can always put their efforts into enhancing their website’s appearance, which is the perfect way to improve the website’s traffic and bounce rate.

There are websites that are offering relevant content along with better functionality but still lag behind their competitors that are offering the same but with a slight difference. The user experience is the key to engage the audience and build trust so that the user stays on your website without any second thought. So, if a newcomer needs to influence the audience, the adequate user experience is the initial step.  

2) The Navigation

The optimized layout of the website plays a crucial role in navigating through the website without any hassle. If there’s a glitch in the design of the navigation, users have to probably deal with navigation issues that would be quite annoying for the visitors who would probably leave your website!

You won’t be staying on a website that isn’t easy to navigate especially when you urgently require a piece of information. You have to always think like a user and emphasize more on the actual needs of the audience that you want to visit and stay on your website. Thus; it becomes necessarily crucial for a developer to improve the layout that can put the best impact on the user.

The design should be simple and appealing enough to ensure smooth navigation throughout the website. It is always great to consult renowned designers that are experienced in developing the most engaging website designs.

3) The Conversion Rate

The primary reason for almost every business that builds a website is to improve the conversion rate. When a person visits your website, there is always a purpose that holds them to your website. If the user finds that your website isn’t solving the purpose or isn’t good to navigate, they would surely leave in frustration.

The conversion rate of a website is the rate of conversion of your users into clients. A website that has enough traffic and adequate bounce rate has higher chances of better conversion rate. The more the appealing design and smooth functioning of the website would be; the more would be the conversion rate.

Here are the crucial factors that affect the conversion rate of your website:

  • Colors: If the color combination of your website isn’t catchy and appealing, you would be facing glitches related to the conversion rate. As per the experts, the correct utilization of colors and background theme has a lot to do with the conversion rate of a website.

A user easily builds trust over a website that offers decent color schemes. This simply means one has to be quite choosy and creative while they are deciding the right colors for their business website. It is highly recommended to choose the reliable service provider that can offer you the right services when it comes to designing the layout of your business website for ensuring proper user engagement.

  • Make it Simple: A lot of developers think that their website design should be out of the league and must be stuffed with functionality and highlights, which is completely wrong. A simple and meaningful design is all that you would need to increase the conversion rate in all aspects. The user never expects highlights that aren’t necessary rather expects the content in the right place that can serve the purpose.

4) Low Loading Time Increases Bounce Rate

Each one of us has faced a situation where we need some urgent information about some stuff and the website we prefer isn’t loading from the past few minutes. This is the main reason why your users don’t stay on your website and eventually increase the bounce rate.

One should be sure enough regarding the loading speed of their website so that it doesn’t affect the users experience in any way. Moreover, there are several ways to check the loading speed and to improve it accordingly. Several monitoring tools, as well as plugins, are available in the market that helps you in augmenting the loading speed without any hassle.

Final Verdict

Whether you wish to trade online or just need to promote your business over the internet, you have to deliver rich user experience in all aspects. A website that isn’t loading fast and has a poor user interface couldn’t rank over the search engine and hence affect your overall sales. Adequate emphasis should be given to these aspects so that you can get the expected revenue from your website.

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