Best WordPress Plugin For Overlay, Opacity Effect On Images

Best WordPress Plugin For Overlay, Opacity Effect On Images
In this post I will discuss about two WordPress plugins for adding image hover effects in images in your WordPress blog. If you wish to add overlay, opacity, move, or zoom effect on images of your blog then you can use this WordPress plugin to do that in a fly.

These image effects can be used for the following:

1) Move effect in images: The move effect can come in very handy when you want to display products in your site.

2) Overlay effect in images: Overlay effect is good when you are running a photo blog and users can click on the image for a bigger resolution.

3) Opacity and zoom effect in images: Opacity and zoom effect could be used when you are having many images in a gallery. By these effects a user will come to know when he hovers over an image.

After installing the plugin you will get 4 icons in your WordPress post or page editor: overlay, opacity, move, and zoom to control the image effect. Also, from the plugin page you can add the effects directly to all the images in your blog. The images will be shown in a lightbox.

Here’s another WordPress plugin to add image effects in your blog. This plugin comes with 64 image hover effects which you can add for the images of your blog. You have the option to enable or disable the jQuery for the plugin. Also, you can enable or disable borders for images, select border color, border width, border shadow, border shadow color, font size and font style. When you add images to your blog you can select start effect, hover effect, text effect, text position, and text overlay.

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  1. Cool post. I was trying many image plugins and I have discovered a cool, light-weight Photo plugin, with a surreal, artistic effect here: – I just apply it to my thumbnails or my headers, but not on my large images. Also I’ve found that subtle, minimal effects look very classy and cool.

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