Best WordPress Plugin To Add Rotating Notification Alert Bar

Best WordPress Plugin To Add Rotating Notification Alert Bar
In this post, I will discuss about a very useful WordPress plugin for adding rotating notification alert bar in WordPress blog. You can add text, HTML, social networking buttons, or any other type of content in the notification alert bars. These alert bars can be displayed in the header or in the footer of the blog to grab user attention. You can add multiple messages in these alert bars which will keep on rotating when users browse through your site. You can customize the notification alert bars as per your requirements.

Many pro bloggers nowadays are using a notification alert bar usually at the top of their blogs. The idea behind this alert bar is to increase the Facebook likes, Twitter followers, increase in the number of newsletter subscribers or an advertisement. No matter what is the intention but one thing is certain, by adding this alert bar you are grabbing attention of your visitors. Unlike any other alert bar which goes to left or bottom of the footer, this alert bar is unique. It is because it floats at the top of your blog and one has to see it. I tested this alert bar for one of my new blogs and found that there is a sure increase in the RSS subscriptions of the blog. By using this plugin you can add any number of notification alert bars in your blog.

Here are the features of this plugin:

1) Rotating alert bar: You can add multiple messages to display on the notification alert bar. These messages will be rotated. You can add all the messages from the plugin settings page.

2) Notification alert bar settings: For the alert bar, you can select the background color, border color, shadow effect, height, collapsed height, position, display and button theme, speed of open and collapse of alert bar, delay before alert bar is shown, and alert bar animation settings.

3) Alert message settings: For the messages displayed in the notification alert bar, you can change text color, link color, link hover color, select font type, select font size, text shadow, link shadow, link hover shadow, select shadow color, and decoration. Also you can add your own custom CSS codes.

4) Notification alert bar position: You can make the alert bar fixed or inline for your blog. If the notification alert bar position is fixed, then it will always be visible to the user. If the notification alert bar position is inline, then, it will not be visible when the page is scrolled.

5) Notification alert bar display: You can show the notification alert bar as expanded, collapsed, delayed or on scroll when the page loads.

6) Add social networking links: The best part is that you can integrate any social network link on this alert bar.

7) Add RSS feed link: You can also add the RSS feed link on the left side of the notification alert bar. You have the option to change the link text and link target.

8) Automatically adjust width of notification bar: If you are worried about the width of the notification alert bar, then it has a smart width feature which fits nicely in to any WordPress theme.

9) Disable alert bar on specific posts and pages: You can disable the notification alert bars on specific posts and pages. In the page editor, you can select the Don’t show option.

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