Best WordPress Plugin To Inform Users To Update Browser

In this post I will discuss how you can notify the users of your blog to upgrade, update their browsers if they are using an older version. If your WordPress theme is a latest one which is responsive, retina ready or HTML5 then it would not load properly in older versions of browsers. Worse, some of the plugins might not even work in older browser versions. While developing your site you must have tested your site in latest browsers, but there are many of your users who might be using the old browsers. You can check the browser version of your users from Google Analytics. Login to Google Analytics. Go to: Audience –> Technology –> Browser & OS. Then, click on any browser to check what versions of that browser was used. For Example, for this blog, here are the statistics for Chrome browser:

Check browser version of users in Google Analytics
So, there are still some of the users who have not updated their browsers. If you are using a WordPress theme which is not compatible with the older versions of a browser then, there will be errors in the site. Also, if you are running a niche site in WordPress like a shopping store or a photo gallery, then many elements will not work. The best workaround for this problem is that you can install this plugin which will inform your users that they have to update or upgrade their browsers. When the plugin detects an older version of a browser is being used, it will show a notification message in the header like:

Best WordPress Plugin To Inform Users To Update Browser
Users have the option to close this notification message. Also, this notification message is fully customizable. You can select for which browser versions the message will be displayed.

Here’s another plugin which you can use for letting your users know that they are using an outdated version of IE browser.

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