Prevent Users From Buying Multiple Quantities In WooCommerce

There are some situations when you do not want users to buy multiple quantities of a product in WooCommerce shopping cart. Typically, you would like to restrict a user to buy only a single quantity of a product. It might sound strange, as what’s the difference if a user buys one quantity or all of them. However, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Here are some of the situations when you would require one user to buy only one quantity of a product:

1) Digital product: If you are selling a reusable digital product like an eBook or a software license which can be used in multiple instances. For Example, if there’s a digital product like Genesis Theme Framework, which can be used in many sites. A user has to buy a single theme framework which he can use in multiple sites. It doesn’t makes any sense for a user to buy multiple licenses for this product.

2) Limited stock: Say, you have limited stock for a particular product and you want that every user should at-least get a chance to buy it. Instead of one user buying all of them at once. Restricting a single user to buy multiple products in such a case will make many users happy than one user.

3) Tickets: If you are selling limited number of tickets in your WooCommerce shopping site for an important event and you wish that the tickets should be spread among different people.

To enable this functionality in your WooCommerce shopping store, install this plugin. From the plugin settings page, you can select products which needs to be restricted for single sale:

Prevent Users From Buying Multiple Quantities In WooCommerce

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