Best WordPress Plugin To Set Up eBay Affiliate Store In Blog

Best WordPress Plugin To Set Up eBay Affiliate Store In Blog
There are millions of products in eBay and its affiliate program is very credible. To run an eBay affiliate store, all you have to do is to use Google Adwords keyword tool, change the title and the description of the products and add the the products in your blog. If you have written the detailed descriptions by doing the keyword research effectively then you will start making money within a few days.

However, adding products one by one can be a hectic task. By using this WordPress plugin you can add the eBay products in a fly. Here, the products can be uploaded directly from eBay. You just have to enter the affiliate id once in the admin section.

Here are the features of this plugin:

1) Upload products by category: The best part of the plugin is that you can import the products based on a particular category i.e. multiple related products at once.

2) Upload images: And, not just the description, you can import images to be put in a gallery or in a slide show. It will provide an easy interface to your users to browse products. Slide show and gallery can be used for displaying featured products.

3) Click tracking: Apart from that you can check click tracking on the links in your eBay affiliate store.

4) Facebook integration: You can also run the store in Facebook by using the same plugin. You can add a Facebook app link and select language, add tabs, enter shop link API key, and secret key in the plugin settings page. You also have the option to enable Facebook comments for your eBay affiliate store.

5) Modules manager: Plugin comes with a modules manager and the following modules can be activated or deactivated as per your needs: Store design module, Generic pages module, Products module, And Slide show module.

6) Customize images and buttons: For your eBay affiliate store, you can customize logo, Search button, Add to Cart button, and drop-down arrow buttons.

7) Customize store theme: This plugin comes with various types of eBay affiliate store themes. You have the options to modify your store theme from the plugin settings page.

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