Create Exit Page When Users Click External Link In WordPress

Create Exit Page When Users Click External Link In WordPress
By the help of this WordPress plugin you can create an exit page for an external link in your blog. This exit page can be used for placing an advertisement, social buttons, disclaimer page that they are leaving your site and visiting an external site, or any other important page which you wish to display to your readers. When a user clicks on an external link in your blog, instead of going directly to the link he will see an exit page.

Here are the features of this plugin:

1) Set up redirect delay for exit page: Exit page will be displayed for a specific time duration which you can set up in the plugin admin section. After the timer is up they will be automatically redirected to the original external link. You also have the option to set up auto redirection which will be automatically enabled after the end of redirect delay.

2) Add link of previous page in exit page: In the exit page you can add the original link too, which your users can click again to visit that page.

3) Nofollow external links: You also have the option to make the external links nofollow by this plugin. This is beneficial in terms of SEO.

4) Edit Exit page content: The content of the exit page can be edited from the plugin admin section. You also have the option to skip some specific links from not going to the exit page.

5) Add social networking buttons in exit page: You can add social networking buttons for popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in the exit page.

6) HTML and JavaScript support: You have the option to modify HTML and JavaScript codes for the exit page.

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