How To Edit And Modify A WordPress Theme And Plugin Easily

How To Edit And Modify A WordPress Theme And Plugin Easily
If you purchased a new premium WordPress theme and wish to edit it as per your needs then there are only two options: one is to do it yourself by modifying the CSS code manually or hire a designer. No matter how great a theme is, it always requires modifications of some sort. Personally I Google articles related to a particular theme for making changes. Almost all the related information is also provided in the “read me” manual which comes with the theme. Editing CSS code manually can be a tricky affair especially when your blog is making it to the top. You don’t want any code messed up. These days it’s not about the off page optimization any more, it is all about on page optimization and messy codes can be a disaster for both the visitors and the search engines.

By the help of this WordPress plugin you can edit any WordPress theme easily. All you have to do is to install the plugin and select the CSS elements and classes. Even if you know little bit of CSS, you can edit your theme. Not only the themes you can also edit the look and feel of any WordPress plugin.

Here are the features of this plugin:

1) Theme customization: From the plugin settings page, you can change the font settings, text, color, background, dimensions, padding, margin, border, behavior, position and CSS settings.

2) Option to download theme: After you have the made the changes to your WordPress theme, you have the option to download it in a zipped format.

3) Theme revisions: Changes made by you to your WordPress theme is saved as Theme revisions and you can restore any previous revisions as per your requirements.

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