Let Users Of WordPress Blog Send Private, Personal Messages

Let Users Of WordPress Blog Send Private, Personal Messages
In this post, I will discuss about a very innovative WordPress plugin which lets registered users of your blog to send private or personal messages (PMs) from the WordPress front end. If you want to add functionality so that users can send private messages to each other then this is the perfect plugin to implement it.

Here are the features of this plugin:

1) Ajax and JavaScript: Plugin uses Ajax and JavaScript interface which provides a cool animation to your users when they send messages.

2) Multiple users and user groups: Users of your blog can send emails to a single user, multiple users or a user group.

3) HTML text editor: When they are sending messages they will get the default HTML text editor so that they can add format the message using the text editor, add images, URLs and other content.

4) Shortcodes support and Widgets: You can add the message form anywhere in your WordPress site by using shortcodes. You can also display the new messages by using widgets. You can add these widgets in any sidebar as per your needs.

5) Block users: If a user decides that they don’t want to receive messages from a specific user then they have the option to block that particular user. Every user has a separate blacklist for stopping unwanted messages from other users.

6) Delete emails automatically: You can set the option to delete users emails automatically. This feature is helpful to make sure that the email inbox of your users don’t get clogged.

7) Notifications: When a user receives an email from the front end from another user then a notification email is sent to the receiver. This will help users to know when they receive a particular message from another user.

8) Reply and Carbon copy (CC) option: When users receive an email they can reply to that particular email and can CC to another user.

9) Inbox and Outbox size limit: You can limit the inbox and outbox size for the users. This feature is helpful if you are concerned about the storage space used in your hosting account.

10) Email signatures: Users of your blog can create and save email signatures in their account.

11) Cron job: From the admin section you can set up the cron job to clear trash automatically everyday and send email notifications after a certain time duration. These settings are fully customizable.

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