List Of Ad Manager WordPress Plugins To Create Banner Ads

Ad Manager can be used for adding and managing ads in a WordPress blog. I have created a list of best WordPress plugins for creating banner ads, lightbox modal window ads and interstitial ads in blog. By using these plugins you can include text, images, videos and flash content in the advertisements. These plugins can be used as ad managers and banner managers for managing ads, creating ad zones, managing campaigns, managing advertisers, creating banners and other types of ads. You can also automate the process of ad management in your blog by using these plugins.

1) Pro Advertising: This WordPress plugin adds a full featured pro ad management system in your blog. By using this plugin you can manage campaigns, ad zones, banners and advertisers. It includes a reporting system where you can track the performance of the advertisements. This plugin is compatible with WordPress multisite network installation. It can also be used in any language. It is an automated ad management WordPress plugin for managing ads in a WordPress blog. Advertisers can send you ad requests which you can moderate from the plugins settings section. You have the option to show ads on a monthly or a yearly basis or by CPM and CPC. It features a an ad designer which you can use for creating ads. Plugin is fully integrated with PayPal and your advertisers can pay for the ads from their account. It also stores the purchase history in the back end. You can use this plugin in any language as per your needs. By using this plugin you can add advertisements in your WordPress blog by using drag and drop interface. You can check the ad reports and statistics from the plugin settings page.

2) Interstitial ads: By using this plugin you can display interstitial ads in your WordPress blog. It includes an interstitial ads generator which you can use for creating interstitial ads. You have the option to show ads on homepage or on specific pages and posts. You can also exclude some pages from displaying the ads. Interstitial ads are fully customizable and you can select to display close button, countdown length, wait timer, interstitial delay, ad frequency, and change other settings from the plugin control panel. It features an ad rotator which can be used for displaying full-page ads and other interstitial ads which can be configured by ad frequency. By this plugin you can display ads in a modal box which will lock the screen of the visitor. You can set the timer for the ad and when the timer is over, the screen will be automatically unlocked. You can use any type of ad with this plugin like SWF file, iFrame ad, YouTube video and other types of image ads.

3) Banner Manager: This plugin can be used for adding a Banner manager in your blog. You can easily create ad banners by entering title, adding image, banner link, link target, link rel, select banner sizes, and set the duration of the banner. You can also control the rotation of the banners.

4) Banner Manager Pro: This plugin has more features than the banner manager plugin I described earlier. Here you can use multiple payment gateways like PayPal, Authorize, Payza, InterKassa and Moneybookers. You can add banners in your blog by using HTML codes, and shortcodes. It has more than 8 types of banner sizes available. You can view the performance of your banners by generating in-depth statistics reports including number of clicks, CTRs, etc.

5) uad: This plugin adds an ad manager in your blog. You can run ads of almost all the sizes. Click tracking and other functionality makes it a one stop shop for managing ads in your blog.

6) Pre ad: You can show ads before a post is loaded by the help of this plugin. An ad is managed with the help of a count down timer. Any type of advertisement can be added namely text, image, videos, flash, etc.

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    1. You can try the first one in the above given list: AdPress. By using this plugin advertisers can easily buy ads from your site.

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