List of WordPress Plugins To Add Rating, Ranking, Polling

In this post, I will discuss about some of the best WordPress plugins which you can use for adding rating, ranking, and polling system in your blog. I have sorted a list of different types of rating and ranking systems like rating system by using smileys, rating system by using stars, by using a like system similar to Facebook likes, heart based rating systems, ranking system by using points and badges, and Ajax based rating systems.

Here is the list of best WordPress plugins to add rating, ranking, polling system in your blog:

1) Advanced rating system: By this WordPress plugin you can add a mood rating system in your blog. A reader can add the mood as excited, fascinated, amused, bored or sad. It is a nice plugin to add emotional rating system. All the above given moods can be customized as per your needs. By using this plugin you can add an Ajax based advanced rating system in your WordPress blog. Users can rate a post or a page by using icons based rating. These icons are fully customizable. This plugin can be used for adding a simple star rating system in your blog. You can choose the number of stars that will be displayed. Plugin uses Ajax and users can rate the posts without reloading the page. Plugin uses IP addresses to count votes and each user can rate only one time for a post. Also, you can add a heart rating system for users to rate a post using heart icons. Colors and other text can be modified as per your requirements.

2) Like, unlike based rating system: With the help of this plugin you can add an independent like based rating system in your blog. Your visitors can like and dislike posts and pages in your blog. You have the option to customize the default text in the plugin as per your needs.

3) Easy Polling: By this plugin you can add a polling system in your blog. Polls can be shown in the blog as bar charts and boxes. Colors, look and feel of the poll buttons can be edited as per your needs.

4) Achievements: This plugin uses a different type of approach for ranking and rating users. You can crate default achievements for your users which will be based on points they acquire when they view a page or when they post a comment.

5) User badge: This WordPress plugin takes the concept of awarding badges or medals. When a user of a blog perform certain actions, then they receive points. Based on these points, a badge is assigned to the user.

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