WooCommerce Plugin To Add Many Shipping Rates By Conditions

WooCommerce Plugin To Add Many Shipping Rates By Conditions

In this post, I will discuss about a WooCommerce WordPress plugin to create many shipping rates, options and methods by using conditions. You can use this plugin to create shipping rates based on stock status, location, total amount, country, city, zip code, state, width of products, length of products, taxes, height of products and quantity of products.

You can also create shipping rates based on categories, variation, user roles, sub total, specific product, coupons, weight of products, shipping class, sub total exclusive taxes, cart based shipping, shipping option based on conditional logic, shipping rate based on volume, shipping rate based on advanced conditions, table rate shipping, volumetric shipping and any other types of custom shipping rates.

You can easily change the shipping rates for products from the admin settings page without coding. You can also offer free shipping to your customers based on conditions.

Here are the features of WooCommerce plugin to add multiple shipping rates by conditions:

  1. Premium shipping rate WooCommerce plugin.
  2. Option to create custom shipping zones based on zip code, state, city and country.
  3. Add advanced pricing options for products.
  4. Option to easily enable or disable advanced shipping option from the admin settings page.
  5. Offer free shipping to customers based on conditional logic.
  6. Option to create shipping cost, priority and shipping groups.
  7. Option to create unlimited number of shipping rates.
  8. Options to add handling fee and taxes along with shipping rates.
  9. Add handling fee as fixed rate or based on percentage of the product amount.
  10. Option for users to select any shipping rate from the checkout page.

Here are the types of shipping rates you can create by using this plugin:

1) Shipping rates based on location:

  • Shipping rates based on city
  • Shipping rates based on state
  • Shipping rates based on country
  • Shipping rates based on zip code

2) Shipping rates based on products

  • Shipping rates based on stock status
  • Shipping rates based on total amount of product
  • Shipping rates based on sub total of products
  • Shipping rates based on specific product
  • Shipping rates based volume
  • Shipping rates based on width of products
  • Shipping rates based on weight of products
  • Shipping rates based on length of products
  • Shipping rates based on height of products
  • Shipping rates based on quantity of products

3) Shipping rates based on other conditions

  • Shipping rates based on categories
  • Shipping rates based on variations
  • Shipping rates based on user roles
  • Shipping rates based on coupons
  • Shipping rates based on shipping class
  • Cart based shipping
  • Table rate shipping
  • Shipping rates based on taxes
  • Shipping rates based on advanced conditions

Also, you can create any types of custom shipping rates as per your requirements.

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